Health Risks

In Canada, monitoring of vaccine adverse events is done via two systems. One, named Immunization Monitoring Program ACTive (IMPACT) is administered by the Canadian Paediatric Society with funding from the Immunization and Respiratory Infections Division of the Public Health Agency of Canada. According to the Society’s website, IMPACT “is a paediatric hospital-based national active surveillance network for adverse events following immunization, vaccine failures and selected infectious diseases in children that are, or are soon to be, vaccine preventable.” Notice the conflicting agenda: monitoring disease to enable vaccine promotion and, at the same time, monitoring vaccine adverse events.

The second part of vaccine monitoring is performed by the Canadian Adverse Event Following Immunization Surveillance System (CAEFISS) which, up to May, 2005, was called The Vaccine Associated Adverse Events Surveillance System. The CAEFISS web page explains, “This new name is in harmony with international standards and emphasizes that reported events follow immunization but are not necessarily associated with vaccine.” Vaccine Choice Canada wishes to interject that it should also be emphasized that apparent vaccine efficacy including antibody response and disease decline, may follow vaccination but is not necessarily due to vaccine. The web page continues, “CAEFISS is a voluntary system (with the exception of four provinces, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Quebec, that have mandatory reporting requirements) in which health care providers…report to local, provincial and/or territorial public health authorities events they feel are temporally associated with an immunization.” (emphasis ours)

Once this rather uncoordinated surveillance data from CAEFISS is received locally, it is supposedly forwarded to the Public Health Agency of Canada to be “stored in a computerized web-enabled Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) database at the Agency.”

Why the Press Shouldn’t Dismiss Vaccine Skeptics

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While numerous American autism groups connect vaccines to autism, Canada remains mute regarding the association. Independent research has provided significant evidence that the mercury-containing preservative, thimerosal; aluminum adjuvants; MMR vaccine; and the colossal number of vaccines injected within a very short time span, all contribute to the total burden of autism. In 2009, three year […]

Anaphylaxis, Allergies, and Asthma

Despite “expert” opinion that vaccines rarely harm, very little is known about infant’s and children’s immune systems, how they work, how they mature, or how vaccines can possibly confer immunity to specific diseases in developing bodies. Medical journals reveal the potential of vaccines to alter the immune system in a way that increases the likelihood […]

Brain and Neurological Injuries

Glossary glutamate an amino acid neurotransmitter excitotoxin any substance which causes overstimulation that can lead to brain injury In his book, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life, neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD explains how the human brain develops: “Basically, the brain must be constructed from a mere three layers of cells that differentiate […]


With the numbers of vaccines steadily increasing, the possibility that they are contributing to the cancer epidemic also increases. Although, even for so-called “cancer vaccines” such as HPV and Hepatitis B vaccines, there are valid reasons to think this, vaccine manufacturers don’t test their products for their potential to produce cancer. Carcinogenic chemical additives, fractionated […]

Gulf War Syndrome

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Obesity and Diabetes

It’s been known for several years that vaccinations can cause Type I diabetes. The latest research indicates they can also lead to Type II diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and altered blood lipids – a group of disorders known as “metabolic syndrome”. According to immunologist, Bart Classen MD, “Asians and possibly other non white minorities […]

Pregnancy - Risks to the Foetus

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SIDS - Sudden Infant Death / SBS - Shaken Baby Syndrome

Death relegated to the SIDS classification is usually considered to be a very unfortunate occurrence for which there is no known cause and therefore no one and nothing to blame. Death or injury from SBS is usually attributed to deliberate physical abuse by parents or other caregivers. The one reaps sympathy; the other reaps court […]

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