Legal Exemption Forms

Only two provinces in Canada have legislation governing the vaccination of school children, Ontario and New Brunswick. Both provincial Acts contain legal exemptions for all vaccines required for school entry, and these can be accessed on line through the links provided below.

Provincial Vaccine Exemptions Available


Download the Ontario Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief Affidavit from the websites below:

Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief Affidavit 4897-64E (2013/08)Download from the Government of Ontario Central Forms Repository

Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief Affidavit 4897-64E (2013/08)Download from VCC if above link does not work

Definitions & Regulations – Immunization of School Pupils Act, Ontario

New Brunswick

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Policy 706 Proof of Immunization

English (PDF)

French (PDF)


Vaccination is voluntary in Manitoba. Please see this link at the Province of Manitoba’s website:

Do we have to get immunized? – No, immunizations are voluntary in Manitoba.


The rest of Canadian provinces have not enacted legislation requiring vaccination of school children, and hence have no legal exemption forms available. However parents are often told by school officials and medical people, “It’s the law – your child can’t go to school without the vaccines”. Health officials often use these type of intimidation tactics to achieve maximum vaccine compliance. Intimidation and threats violate the baseline medical ethic of Informed Consent.

Unless you know your legal right to refuse vaccines and to exercise your right to Informed Consent, you and your children are vulnerable to coercion by vaccine officials. The widespread belief that vaccination is mandatory pervades all levels of society and ignorance of legally available exemptions is pervasive. Media articles reinforce the misconception of mandatory vaccine requirements, and often omit information about the availability of vaccine exemptions in news reports.

Health Canada states that “immunization is not mandatory in Canada”

For additional exemption information and sample letters go to Vaccination Liberation — Canada Letters.

For U.S. vaccine exemptions, listed by state go to Vaccination Liberation — U.S. Letters

Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act provides an excellent example of the type of provincial legislation that incorporates the elements that constitute Informed Consent:

The following are the elements required for consent to treatment:

  1. The consent must relate to the treatment.
  2. The consent must be informed.
  3. The consent must be given voluntarily.
  4. The consent must not be obtained through misrepresentation or fraud. 1996, c. 2, Sched. A, s. 11 (1).

Healthcare Worker & Student Vaccines

For further information on Healthcare Worker and Student Vaccines please see here.