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Position Paper

August 19, 2021


Key Points:
  • Our rights and freedoms are being egregiously violated by our governments.
  • Few of our elected representatives are standing up to defend our Charter rights.
  • Service to the Party has superseded the responsibility to serve the people.
  • We need to elect candidates who will defend our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
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Given the discontent with our political system and the lack of real choice available, a common question is – which party should we vote for?

We propose this is the wrong question. A better question is –
Which Principles Should We Vote for?

We propose that the next several weeks of election campaigning present an opportunity to raise awareness of the foundational principles that are critical to Canadians living in a free and democratic society and identify candidates with the integrity and courage to stand up to government overreach.


  • Participate in every opportunity to engage the candidates in your riding.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask each candidate.
  • Where possible, have someone video the candidate receiving and answering the question.
  • Post these videos on social media.

It is time that we ask our aspiring politicians the tough questions of where they stand with regards to our inherent and constitutional rights, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, forced masking, forced testing, travel restrictions, and forced quarantine. When it comes to protecting our rights and freedoms, there is no middle ground – they either are willing to defend our rights or they won’t.

We believe that principles, rather than personalities or parties, ought to guide our choice.

We encourage voting for and financially supporting candidates who will stand up and unambiguously defend our inherent and constitutional rights and freedoms, honour the legal right to informed consent free of coercion, and the right to refuse any medical intervention. We need to select candidates who will clearly declare that vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and the forced testing of healthy citizens is immoral, illegal, unconstitutional, and needs to stop immediately.



  1. Do you accept that our inherent right to bodily sovereignty and the rights as articulated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the highest law of the land and that all other laws, rules, and regulations must comply with the Charter?
  2. Do you support the ethical and legal right to informed consent regarding medical treatments and choices, including the principle that consent may be withdrawn at any time, for any reason, without disadvantage or prejudice?
  3. Do you support the free and open sharing of knowledge and access to alternative and nurturing measures that have stood the test of time in building health and resilience naturally, outside of the conventional chemical-based allopathic medical system that harms and kills Canadians in catastrophic numbers?
  4. Do you recognize that the Government of Canada, Health Canada, and the various agents of Public Health provincially have egregiously and unlawfully violated our rights and freedoms, directly and by proxy, by issuing edicts to businesses forcing them to become enforcers of illegal and unconstitutional measures?
  5. Do you recognize that the declaration by the Government of Canada that all Federal employees be required to partake in the experimental genetic injection is a violation of their Charter Rights and is illegal, unethical, and unconstitutional?
  6. Do you intend, if elected, to do all in your power to defend the right of Canadians to medical choice, bodily sovereignty, and informed consent, and the right of parents to make medical decisions for their children? If a currently sitting politician, what have you done in the last six months to defend these rights?
  7. Do you find it intolerable, unacceptable, and egregious that our various governments have arbitrarily locked down small businesses, schools and places of worship and imposed measures and mandates that are illegal, unwarranted, without medical or scientific merit, and destructive to the health and well-being of Canadians – all while allowing big business to operate largely unfettered?
  8. Do you recognize that imposing a vaccine passport, exemption papers, or other systems that discriminate against Canadians who chose not to participate in the human trials of experimental genetic treatments incorrectly called vaccines, is effectively creating an apartheid where two classes of citizens will be treated differently depending upon their willingness to be subjects in a clinical trial?
  9. Are you aware of the significant debate raging in the scientific community with regards to the safety, efficacy, and necessity of the COVID injections?
  10. Are you aware of the extreme censorship occurring against those with knowledge, experience or information that is counter to the ‘government narrative’, no matter their position, profession, or area of expertise?
  11. Do you support the censorship of free speech in Canada and believe social media platform, cell and internet providers should be able to restrict or censor information that they don’t agree with?
  12. Do you believe the state has the right to impose medical treatments upon healthy Canadians? If not, what have you done in the past six months to defend the right of Canadians to bodily sovereignty and medical choice?
In Summary:
  • Our inherent and Charter rights are being egregiously violated by governments.
  • A system that puts loyalty to the Party first is a violation of the authority we have delegated to our elected representatives.
  • Now is the time to defend our rights and freedoms.


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