Federal Employees: Are you being coerced with vaccine mandates?

The Government of Canada, as well as various employers, schools, daycares, and organizations, have declared their intention to impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates upon non-consenting Canadians. To coerce an individual to accept medical treatment, including vaccinations, is illegal and an egregious violation of our inherent right to security of the person, bodily sovereignty, medical ethics, and the right of parents to make medical decisions for their children. It is critical that we not comply with these violations. It is time to stand up to this tyranny and defend our rights.

Police On Guard for Thee (open in a new tab) is collecting the contact information of Federal employees who recognize the violation of their inherent and Constitutional rights and are committed to standing up and challenging these illegal measures.

If you are being subjected to vaccine coercion, discrimination, or marginalization as a result of your medical choice, click the link below and share your contact information with them. Your information will be held in confidence.

Our purpose is to assemble a sizable group of individuals who are willing to invest the time and resources needed to hold organizations accountable and to defend our sovereign rights.

Police on Guard for Thee is a group of concerned retired and active duty peace officers looking to see the end of unconstitutional public health orders. Peace officers are being ordered to defy their oath to uphold the rights of the people they protect, and this must end. Active and retired CBSA, CSC, Military, and Fire Fighters have also joined Police on Guard for Thee.

Criteria for Joining the Lawsuit:

  • You must be a Federal Employee.
  • You must not be vaccinated against COVID 19.
  • You must not quit. This means that no matter what happens, they force their employees’ hand to make a decision to suspend or terminate employment.
  • You must not partake in PCR testing or any other testing that may be implemented in the future, to the best of your ability.
  • You must not have presented your employer with an exemption letter.

The reason is that by presenting an exemption letter you are essentially agreeing to the validity of the laws surrounding the mandatory vaccine in the context of employment.

We need your help to spread the word. Present this criteria to people you work with who support medical choice.

If they or anyone else is interested in joining us, have them email:
fedemployeelawsuit@protonmail.com and leave a name, phone number and email
and someone will reach out with further details.

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