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  December 2019
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  • Season’s greetings to our members
  • The struggle to stop vaccine mandates in Canada
  • PM Commits to Evidence-Based Decision Making and Protecting Rights
  • Measles outbreaks drive fear factor by Edda West
  • Samoa
  • Is Measles Eradication Through Vaccination a Realistic Goal?
  • Institutional Inertia: Is enough being done to protect children from Aluminum toxicity?
  • In the News

Seasons Greetings to our Members and Friends

As we approach the end of 2019, the Board of Directors at Vaccine Choice Canada would like to thank you, our members, for your generous support this past year. Many of you are long time supporters, and this year, we welcomed many new members to our movement.  To all of you, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for extending to us your generosity, your concern and your activism. In rising up and contributing your time and energy to the numerous walks, demonstrations and public gatherings that are growing across Canada, you are educating others in your community about the growing concerns about vaccine safety.  With your help, we can stand strong in protecting our most basic human rights – the right to bodily integrity and informed consent which vaccine mandates violate. Continue reading here....

The struggle to STOP vaccine mandates in Canada

The struggle to stop vaccine mandates will undoubtedly intensify in the New Year.  Currently, we await the vote on New Brunswick’s Bill 11, now in its 2nd reading, and movement on Nova Scotia’s Bill 210 in the New Year.  Ted Kuntz’s inspired letter of appeal to New Brunswick’s Green party leader David Coon and sent to all MLAs in that province lays out the indisputable truth that ‘vaccination is not immunization’. Continue reading here....

PM Commits to Evidence-Based Decision Making and Protecting Rights

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Congratulations on your success in being given another mandate to lead the Government of Canada. My intention in writing is to affirm the commitments as stated in your recent Minister of Health Mandate Letter. In the letter you commit to - “evidence-based decision-making that takes into consideration the impacts of policies on all Canadians and fully defends the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Continue reading here....

Measles outbreaks drive fear factor

By Edda West

It’s all too familiar and predictable now – every few years mass hysteria erupts when measles outbreaks occur. Every measles outbreak, no matter how small, whips up another round of hate speech against vaccine resistors. It’s quite an incredible thing to have witnessed in one’s lifetime – the sinister application of medical revisionism that has transformed an ordinary childhood illness into a dreaded disease. Continue reading here....


The recent tragic deaths in the Samoa measles outbreak typifies what happens when there is rampant malnutrition and poverty. It is well known that measles death rate is high in malnourished children such as were hit by the disease in Samoa. The lack of preparedness to immediately distribute high doses of vitamin A and C both of which are potent antivirals, contributed to the ongoing outbreak and deaths. Some news reports were saying that acetaminophen was also given to many to suppress the fever. Fever’s function is to ramp up immune system response. Killing the fever enables the measles virus to overwhelm the organism and is well known to increase the risk of death in measles. These are basic cautions that have been known and acknowledge for decades.  Then the order to vaccinate everyone, including those who may be incubating the disease with the triple live virus MMR vaccine, may also have contributed to the severity of case, especially the children with fragile health and already severely compromised by malnutrition. A number of thoughtful articles addressed these concerns here, here, here and here.

Is Measles Eradication Through Vaccination a Realistic Goal? 

By Lyn Redwood, President of Children’s Health Defense

This superb analysis by Lyn Redwood at CHD provides great insight into the changing genotypes of the measles virus and outbreaks in areas with high vaccination rates because the vaccine gives no protection against the new and emerging genotypes. Lyn also discusses the mutant oral polio viruses that are causing ongoing outbreaks of the disease and the uncontrolled spread of vaccine derived poliovirus across Africa. 

“The mutant virus problem is not limited to measles vaccines. In November 2019, news outlets reported that a vaccine-derived form of poliovirus—mutated from the oral polio vaccine—is now causing more cases of polio than are caused by wild polioviruses. In a scathing report that month by the WHO’s Independent Monitoring Board (charged with evaluating the Global Polio Eradication Initiative), the report’s authors described the “uncontrolled” spread of vaccine-derived poliovirus across Africa, with vaccine-derived polio cases reported in 12 African countries and several Asian nations (including China) through October of 2019. The report noted that the resurgence of vaccine-derived polio raises “fundamental questions and challenges for the whole eradication process.”  These same concerns hold true for measles as well.”

Lyn Redwood concludes her article with this profound statement from Dr. Andrew Wakefield;

“But as Dr. Wakefield comments, there is already ample evidence to indicate that this “treadmill” of repeated, suboptimal vaccination is accomplishing little other than to create a time bomb that may allow “both ancient and emergent forms of this virus” to emerge victorious.  Instead of blaming anti-vaxxers, it is time for CDC epidemiologists to acknowledge the very real failures of their efforts to eradicate measles by asking the question they should have asked in 1967 before launching their campaign, “Should it be done?”  Read the full article here

Institutional Inertia: Is enough being done to protect children from Aluminum toxicity?  By Children’s Health Defense Team

The scientist citing aluminum’s outsized biological influence—Professor Chris Exley of the United Kingdom’s Keele University—is one of the world’s foremost aluminum experts. He points out that because aluminum exposure is largely insidious, complacency about aluminum’s effects persists despite the nearly universal body burden that human beings now carry. While the metal’s effects appear to be “invariably deleterious,” variables such as age and gender also shape vulnerability. Infants in their first year of life are particularly susceptible to aluminum bioaccumulation, raising concerns about the high levels of absorbable aluminum reported in infant formula and in the parenteral (intravenous) nutrition solutions given to premature babies. Suggesting that these reports represent the “tip of an iceberg,” one group of researchers cautions that not only does aluminum constitute a “significant component of newborns’ exposure to xenobiotics and contaminants,” but the consequences of aluminum overload in the perinatal period can have pathological consequences that persist into adulthood. Read the full article here

In the News
Does the new high potency influenza vaccine for seniors increase mortality?

Dr. Mercola warned about high potency flu shot in 2011

Vaccine injury compensation reports in the U.S  show that flu vaccines cause more injuries than other vaccines

Latest aluminum toxicity warnings from world’s top aluminum scientist
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. nice interview on Morning Matcha - RFK recounts a conversation he had with Paul Offit where Offit defended the ethylmercury used in vaccines as “good” mercury, vs. the methylmercury found in fish as being “bad” mercury. Italian studies have shown that ethylmercury used in thimerosal is 50X more toxic than that found in fish.  It’s much worse than mercury found in fish.  Kennedy says, “There was moment in that conversation when he knew he’d been caught lying, and I knew he was lying, and we both knew that he’d been caught. At that point, I thought, wow – these people actually know what they’re doing and they’re poisoning these kids.”

New Jersey mandatory vaccination Bill stalled by huge public protest

Meryl Nass MD- Testimony to MA legislature – “The elephant in the auditorium today is Pharma profits. Dare I say out loud that our children’s arms and bodies are the delivery system for transferring money from the citizens of the Commonwealth to the pharmaceutical industry?? “Julie Gerberding, the former CDC Director, became president of Merck Vaccines as soon as she was allowed.11 The last FDA Commissioner just left for Pfizer.12 The revolving door is slamming Americans.”

Merck Whistleblower Case Proceeds Toward Resolution by Robert F.Kennedy Jr. - RFK Jr.’s article reveals compelling information on the Merck whistleblower case and new material revealed about  MMRll and GSK’s new MMR-RIT vaccine.  “Nearly 50% of vaccine recipients experienced adverse events within 42 days of vaccination and over 10% of these required emergency room visits. Roughly 2% of these adverse events were “serious” and 3.5% of vaccine recipients were diagnosed with a “new onset chronic disease” within 6 months of vaccination. These documented safety results are astronomically higher than the vaccine industry talking points which claim vaccine adverse events are “one-in-a-million”. They are much more in line with the results of the DHHS’s Lazarus study where 1 in 39 vaccine recipients showed an adverse reaction.”  See the 2 slides at the bottom of the article with side by side comparisons of 1 in 10 chance of an AEFI & ER visit following both vaccines, and more than 3& chance of onset of new chronic disease."

New oral polio vaccine to bypass key clinical trials

Brainwashed doctors arrested trying to inject kids with flu shots at U.S. Mexico border

Unethical clinical trials of vaccines pose threat to lives by Jacob Puliyel MD

Neonatal Nurse on Vaccines – We Are Destroying an Entire Generation of Children

The Real Crisis in Samoa

Why Herd Immunity is a Hoax

Marking children with invisible ink could reveal if they’ve been vaccinated

The Root of Autoimmune Disease Can be Found in the Gut by Thomas Cowan MD

Is Measles Eradication Through Vaccination a Realistic Goal?

Mark Blaxill article AoA: Vaccine Mandates are bad polices based on false premises

JAMA survey – 19.5% of all drug reactions in children <5years of age are due to vaccines- taken from ER records– this is a great chart tracking ER visits for adverse drug reactions 2013-2014 for ages 0-80

Ethyl mercury in vaccines 50 X more toxic than methyl mercury in fish

Celeste Mcgovern – reports on the global vaccine issue – many excellent articles:

The Oligarch Takeover of U.S. Pharma and Heatlhcare

RFK Jr. Science Day Presentation in HPV vaccine trial

CHD slides on HPV vaccine risks

RFK Science day video on the danger of Gardasil vaccine - dated June 5, 2019

New Brunswick – Legislative committee Report on the Bill 39 hearings

Barbara Loe Fisher’s speech at the VIE event

Know your child’s seizure risk from vaccines by Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC)

A vaccine for peanut allergies?

Anti-vaxxers needled after asking to be called vaccine risk aware

Curing the sick is bad business for biotech

Measles in Samoa – high death rate in children related to malnutrition

New Malaria vaccine rollout in Africa

Billions pledged for final polio eradication “Donors made their pledges at a "Reaching the Last Mile" polio conference in Abu Dhabi. The funding includes $1.08 billion from the Gates Foundation, around $514 million from Britain, $215 million from the United States, $160 million from Pakistan and $150 million from the charity Rotary International.”
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