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  November 2019
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  • Vaccine Choice Canada Files Charter Challenge Lawsuit Against Ontario Government by Edda West
  • Thank You to Our Members!
  • Rise Up by Ted Kuntz
  • We have changed the conversation by Heather Fraser
  • Rocco Fights for the World by Jasmine Gilani, MD
  • VCC on The HighWire Reporting on our Charter Challenge
  • Whole Life Expo
  • In The News

Vaccine Choice Canada Files Charter Challenge Lawsuit

by Edda West

At a press conference on October 29, 2019, Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC), along with five individual mothers of children in the school system, announced that they have launched an action, in the superior Court of Ontario, against the government of Ontario.  The legal action challenges the Constitutional validity of Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act and its compulsory vaccination regime.

Challenged as well is the mandatory ‘education session’ parents are required to attend prior to being permitted to file an exemption from vaccines.  The sworn exemption Statement contains a ‘compelled speech’ clause, which if signed, puts parents at risk of future criminal prosecution.  Failure to sign this self-incriminating exemption form can cause the child to be suspended, expelled, and/or not registered for school.

The VCC press conference and supportive public Rally was held the morning of October 29th at Queen’s Park, to “remind the government to conduct itself in accordance with the dictates of the Constitution and not just be a peddler for the corporate interests of the $60 billion vaccine industry, predicted to reach $100 billion by 2020, without regard for the particular health and needs of the individual child.”

The Rally saw upwards of 400 people gather in support of our Charter challenge lawsuit. VCC legal counsel, Rocco Galati spoke with clarity and passion challenging the government’s over reach.

VCC Vice President Ted Kuntz spoke with inspired conviction.  Having lived the daily anguish and pain of his son Josh’s catastrophic vaccine injury in 1984 that resulted in Josh’s death in 2017, we hear a father’s raw grief transformed into passionate resolve to expose and change the health damaging and life threatening vaccine culture that is destroying children’s health today.

“For 37 years the government of Ontario and the medical profession of Ontario has violated our rights and freedoms.  It is time for that violation to end. It is time to reclaim our rights to say no to unwanted medical products and procedures.  It is time to end medical policies that violate our rights to informed consent.  We are here to restore our rights and freedoms.  We are here to be an example to the world, of medical freedom, liberty, accountability and sovereignty.  It is not for the “greater good” to have our rights to medical choice, our right to informed consent and our right to make medical decisions for our children taken from us.   It is not for the “greater good” to be deprived of individual liberties and bodily sovereignty.   We won’t let that happen! We won’t allow our governments to continue down the path of coerced medicine.  Coercion is NOT consent.  We stand here as the new Freedom Keepers.  We will not be silenced and we will not go away until our rights and freedoms are restored. On this you have our solemn vow!"

In the VCC Press Release the Plaintiffs state that this regime:

  • Violates their right to freedom of conscience, belief, religion and thought under s.2(a) and (b) of the Charter.
  • Violates the rights to life, liberty and security of the person in depriving them of the recognised constitutional right to make decisions over their physical and psychological integrity and autonomy under s.7 of the Charter.
  • Violates the right against compelled speech, under s.2(b) of the Charter in being forced to sign, under oath, a Statement with which they disagree, and for which there is no conclusive proof, in being forced to acknowledge that to not vaccinate places their children at risk of physical injury or death.
  • Violates their constitutional right to informed medical consent in that the “education sessions” mention nothing of the risk of severe injury and death, from vaccines, which is recognised and undisputed in all G-7 countries, except Canada, in the establishment of compensation funds for vaccine-injured and killed. Quebec is the only Canadian jurisdiction to have such a compensation fund.
  • Violates and interferes with the parent-child relationship which is constitutionally protected under s.7 of the Charter as set out by the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • Violates the child’s right to Education which has been recognised as a constitutional right in Canada, under s.7 of the Charter, as well as in international law, which binds Canada.

The Plaintiffs state that the vaccine regime in Ontario is draconian, and violates a person’s rights to informed medical consent and choice, over matters of if, when, and what vaccines a child is to receive.  This decision is not the state’s to make, on a blitz basis, but on a case-by-case basis with respect to the health, circumstances and propensities and predisposition of the child, by the parent with medical consultation. This is particularly so, when the inserts (warnings) of the vaccines, provided by the vaccine manufacturers themselves, specifically warn of dire and severe injury and side effects, up to and including death, which vaccine manufacturers’ warnings the government, its health officials, and school officials, ignore, suppress, and deny without basis.

Thank You to Our Members!

After nearly four years of hard work preparing for this Charter Challenge case, we want to take this opportunity to thank all the VCC Members who have made it possible. We are extremely fortunate to have Rocco Galati, a rare warrior for truth and justice and one of Canada’s top Constitutional lawyers represent us.  It is our deep concern about the shocking decline of children’s health in this era of global vaccine tyranny and the looming threat posed by vaccine mandates to our basic human right to bodily integrity that propelled us to challenge Ontario’s oppressive mandatory vaccination law.  Our lawsuit sends a signal to other governments planning to impose vaccine mandates, that the people will RISE UP and will say NO!!   When governments, politicians and media choose to lie and impose draconian laws and censorship on the people, there is only one tool left – the courts.  It is because of the generosity and care of our members that we have been able to raise the funds needed to launch this historic Charter challenge lawsuit.  A heartfelt THANK YOU goes to all of you who believe in this cause and who have donated so generously to our Charter challenge. It is you who have made it possible!!

Rise Up

by Ted Kuntz

Two words describe what occurred in Toronto on October 29, 2019. Two words capture the movement of parents that assembled on the steps of the Ontario legislature. Two words describe our action going forward. RISE UP!

Continue reading here...

We have changed the conversation

by Heather Fraser

9:30 am on October 29th was cold but bright as we walked up the south lawn of Queen’s Park towards a handful of people in flame red t-shirts. Excited volunteers were setting up tables, loud speakers and a podium, folding pamphlets and distributing red toques emblazoned with the words, “Rise Up.” Video cameras were there to ensure that everything that was said in front of the Ontario legislature that day would be preserved. This moment had been a long time coming.

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Rocco Fights for the World

by Jasmine Gilani, MD

On Oct 29th, Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC), the organization which has served as a voice and haven for the vaccine injured, announced it had taken legal action against the government of Ontario, alongside five mothers with children in the Ontario school system. This lawsuit contends the Immunization of School Pupils Act of Ontario, along with Ontario’s compulsory vaccine schedule, requirement for sworn affidavits for exemptions and compulsory “education” classes are in violation of Canadian Charter rights.

On Del Bigtree’s show: The HighWire Taking Shots, How The Brave Fight Back, stalwart titan of constitutional law, Rocco Galati, elaborated on the deeply entrenched rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and cited Supreme Court precedents in support of the following:

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VCC on The HighWire Reporting on our Charter Challenge

Del Bigtree Interviews Rocco Galati & Edda West on the Charter Challenge

Whole Life Expo

VCC's booth at the Whole Life Expo November 8-10 in Toronto was a busy place to be. Our volunteers were run off their feet providing materials, answering inquiries and listening to stories.  If you missed Heather Fraser's talk, Biopower: Politics and Health in Canada, you can purchase a download for $4.99 (audio MP3) from Webcast Guru.  Thank you to Vitality Magazine and the Whole Life Expo, and especially to all of our wonderful volunteers!

In the News

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Rocco Galati- interview with John Oakley re VCC's Charter Challenge

Thousands Rally in DC for Vaccine Injury Awareness - The VIE Event

The Vaccine Injury Epidemic (VIE) event - filmed by the HighWire team, included an inspiring lineup of the top speakers advocating for medical freedom, informed choice who are educating the public about vaccine risks.

MMR II: Contraindication Specificity Matters

The Vaccine Deep State – Powerful Political Analysis

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Ministry of Pharma: the 2020 National Vaccine Plan - “Big Pharma’s information control will weaponize social media so that even mild discussions about vaccines, such as Bill Maher’s interview last week with Dr. Jay Gordon, will not be allowed.”

Vaccine Discussion with Bill Maher & Jay Gordon MD poking fun at the vaccine/medical establishment & more discussion at the Age of Autism

The Highwire Oct. 31, 2019 – Halloween – great show discusses DNA debris in live virus vaccines that are cancer causing.

How the Media & government lie by Jeremy Hammond

5 Horrifying Facts About the FDA Vaccine Approval Process by Jeremy Hammond

Measles + Mina – the BIG Fear about Measles– completely overblown – Excellent analysis by immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych Ph.D

Measles Amnesia is Giving Me a Headache by Dr. David Brownstein

The smallpox vaccine disaster – video lecture by Suzanne Humphries MD – Everyone needs to understand the history and deception perpetrated by the medical industry
The ID2020 Alliance: The Global Totalitarian Project Hiding Behind The Vaccine Drive

Millennials are Vaccine Brain Damaged – History tells it all
HPV vaccine research points to autoimmunity
Vaxxed ll – Polly Tommey interview with Mike Adams on Brighteon “there’s a war against our children and it’s a chemical war in vaccines” “All the parents of the dead and injured parents all said the same thing – We trusted what the doctor told us.”  Vaxxed ll the People’s Truth, is coming soon.

RFK Jr. – The Harlem event

Personal Exemptions are an Essential Safety Valve on Whole Population Vaccination Programs

Measles in modern day America not nearly as dangerous as portrayed

Scientists find chronic brain inflammation in children with autism

Removing parents from vaccine decision making

The Truth About Vaccines from Parents, Nurses, Doctors, Scientists and History

BMJ Rapid Reponses – good letters from Allan Cunningham re to much safety results in danger – threads are around Oct. 23
Whooping cough outbreak in vaccinated children

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