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  • New Brunswick Education Minister justifies plan to ban children from school
  • British Columbia - New Mandatory Reporting Regulations
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New Brunswick Education Minister justifies plan to ban children from school

By Heather Fraser MA, BA, BEd

Riding a wave of measles hysteria in the US, the NB Minister of Education Dominic Cardy has made national headlines stoking fears of doom unless every child in the province is vaccinated… for everything. In a recent CBC article, Min. Cardy likened partially or unvaccinated children to guns.  

So far in 2019, there have been 77 cases of measles in Canada – that’s 77 people over 6 months in a population of 37 million people.  11 cases of measles have been reported in NB since April. Their recoveries did not attract mainstream media coverage.

And this is as it has been every year in Canada for the last many years: in 2013, 83 measles cases were reported in Canada; in 2014, 418 cases; in 2015, 196 cases.

And yet, in May, Minister Cardy tabled amendments to the Education Act and the Public Health Act (Bill 39).  The amendments remove all non-medical exemptions and give school superintendents the power to refuse admission to non-compliant students. In other words, Minister Cardy plans to withhold the right to public education from children who are not compliant with the government vaccination schedule.  The government takes no responsibility for vaccine injury.

How has Minister Cardy justified these extreme measures given that there is no crisis of any sort in the province or Canada?

In Minister Cardy’s own words from the NB Hansard

On June 11 during second reading of his amendments, Minister Cardy defended his stance in a soliloquy worthy of a tent evangelist:

Two hundred-plus years ago, when the first inoculations against polio were discovered, they were described by some members of the constitutional conventions that were in the process of forming the republic of the United States of America as being miracles bestowed upon our species by Providence and a Divine Creator showing his blessing for that project.
That’s not Donald Trump. It’s Dominic Cardy.

Here the minister has conjured a fiction about the history of the polio vaccine stating it was created in the 18th century (actually, the Salk vaccine was introduced in 1955, the Sabin oral in 1962, and there was a form of nasal spray in 1937). He continues in his bid for mandatory vaccination in NB by citing the views of the authors of the 1787 US constitution. He even manages to imply that God is pro-vaccine.

The proselytizing continued.

Never mind the other public health measures such as clean drinking water, sanitation, medical care, peaceful conditions, education and nutrition – Minister Cardy suggests that no other measure has had a meaningful role to play in reducing disease morbidity or mortality:
The diseases that we cure through vaccines are not connected to other areas of public health, except in the most tenuous of ways. That is why decades ago— just decades ago—despite 60 or 70 years of an incredibly strong public health regime in Western countries, we continued to see people dying of polio, we continued to see people dying of diphtheria, and we continued to see people dying of measles…
Actually, in the 20th century there was a rapid and dramatic decline in mortality from all diseases thanks to these other health measures. A summary of US vital statistics concluded:
Thus, vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century...nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccines were available.
And yet, Minister Cardy continued to single out partially or unvaccinated children as a threat:
…if you are going into a school system today, nearly every school in the province has a list of restrictions, including peanut butter, shellfish, eggs, coconut, and milk products. The list goes on and on—the list of things that are prohibited, restricted, or banned in New Brunswick schools. Yet we turn around and say: Okay, it is fine to come in with a communicable, potentially fatal disease that could actually kill your classmates.
The irony of this comment cannot be lost on VCC readers. The current epidemic of life threatening food allergies (10% of children according to a 2011 study) is the result of over vaccination, the use of aluminum containing vaccines and the liberal use of antibiotics.  

The vaccination status of the 11 people who had measles has been withheld. Yet, Minister Cardy seems to have the facts:
.. it is coming back. Why is it coming back? It is coming back because of a tolerance of beliefs for far too long and for failing to stand up to misinformation, to falsehoods, and to active conspiracies, rather than standing up and saying: I stand up for the truth that I can see and defend. I know the research is there and the facts support that case. Instead, they will say: It depends. Let’s look at all sides of this story. Let’s look at the pros and the cons. Mr. Speaker, I have no time for such people. 
Time for some facts

Measles is considered eliminated in Canada suggesting there may be a sufficient level of antibody protection to control outbreaks. Let’s see. With a little rough guesswork it turns out, it is possible that less than 67% of Canadians have antibodies to measles either from natural infection (born before 1975) or vaccination.  33% of Canadians – primarily adults between age 30 and 45 – may have none. Did Min. Cardy have measles?

Further, new research reveals that vaccine-induced immunity wanes significantly despite high vaccine coverage:
 …the traditional measles correlate of protection may not be an appropriate measure of population protection in measles-eliminated settings.  
In other words, there is far more to immunity than vaccine-induced antibodies – that disappear. And adding more doses to generate this effect is not only without benefit but also it has been shown to have negative consequences. Dr. G. Poland explained what he calls the “measles paradox”:
Thus, measles outbreaks also occur even among highly vaccinated populations because of primary and secondary vaccine failure, which results in gradually larger pools of susceptible persons and outbreaks once measles is introduced. This leads to a paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized.
Such important inquiry is surely not beyond the abilities of the NB government. So, why are none of the MLAs challenging Minister Cardy?

Why is this happening in NB?

The hysteria over measles in Canada and the US is a mainstream media fuelled fiction paving the way for captured governments to erase rights. Vaccination is not about the health of individual children. If it was, there would be screening for contraindications including mitochondria function, MTHFR gene mutation, issues with liver and kidney function.

Instead, new laws restricting vaccine choice without recognition of vaccine injury have been created in Ontario and BC with some discussion in Alberta and Manitoba. In NY State a draconian law has expunged religious exemptions. In California, exemptions have been removed and the government is in the process of narrowing medical exemptions. In CA, all children from birth to grade 12 must be vaccinated if they are to take part in a “classroom like setting”. Many US states have become battle grounds over the right to autonomy over one’s own body.

This biopolitics or biopower according to Michel Foucault sees the insertion of corporate power into the decisions of government, directly or indirectly, through strategies and mechanisms designed to achieve control over populations. The results of the mandated consumption of pharmaceuticals are rising profits for shielded corporations and the download of the costs of injury and death to citizens – whose rights are being eroded by such laws as those proposed by Minister Cardy.

Vaccine induced food allergies, neurological and other debilitating injuries are at epidemic levels. And yet, elected officials see no need for investigation. How long will citizens tolerate government gaslighting?

This may be just the beginning in NB – but the harder people are pushed, the stronger the health freedom movement becomes.

What’s next? Stand up for Health Freedom August 27-29 in Fredericton!

Minister Cardy suggests the courts will likely side with him if there is a Charter challenge. He also implies that vaccination should be mandated for all Canadian children:
If there are any questions around constitutionality in the courts, we welcome the opportunity to clarify our position and to stand up for the children—not just students in New Brunswick but students across Canada.


Here is your opportunity to be heard!

Public hearings on Bill 39 An Act Respecting Proof of Immunization will take place Aug. 27-29 at the legislative assembly in Fredericton.

New Brunswick Mandates - Take Action - VCC

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick - June 11 webcast - vaccine discussions 1:03 - 1:07 and bill reading at 1:15 (Hansard not yet available online)


British Columbia - New Mandatory Reporting Regulations

By the VCC Research Team

As of of July 1st, 2019, a new mandatory ‘Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation’ came into effect in British Columbia. The newly introduced regulations to the BC Public Health Act mean that it is now mandatory for parents to report the vaccination status of their children attending school and daycare. There are three mandatory requirements:

1. Mandatory disclosure of the child’s vaccine status. For parents who do not vaccinate according to the recommended schedule, a written, signed and dated statement providing their reason for not vaccinating for each scheduled vaccine is required.

2. Mandatory attendance at an “information session”. Regulations taking effect in September 2020 demand that parents who choose not to vaccinate or who vaccinate selectively or choose an alternate vaccine schedule are forced to attend, “together with their child”, the “information session”

3. Mandatory meeting with a medical officer of health or a public health nurse following the vaccine “information session”. Rather than provide parents with a simple form that exempts their child from vaccines based on broadly accepted Charter rights of conscience, personal belief and religion, parents and children will have to face a medical interrogator, which could be construed as an additional intimidation  and shamming tactic.
These three mandatory requirements are being imposed despite the fact that public health officials already have access to everyone’s medical records in the province and thus already know which children are in compliance with the provincial vaccine schedule and those who are not.

A number of parents who do not vaccinate according to the provincial vaccine schedule have contacted us with letters from their local public health units that contain their child’s vaccination status. What is self-evident is that Public Health already has the necessary information on vaccine status for these children.

Since health officials already have access to every child’s medical record, it begs the question whether these new Regulations are a sincere request for information, or an effort at coercion and instilling fear in parents.

Furthermore, introducing the threat of large fines and/or imprisonment for non-compliance with administrative requirements of reporting vaccination status, submitting written statements on reasons for not vaccinating, as well as attending mandatory information sessions and meetings with a health official is especially draconian.

These new regulations make it increasingly challenging for BC citizens to exercise their legal right to medical decision-making and protecting the privacy of their medical records.  As well, there is the real potential to undermine the medical ethic of informed consent, thus threatening our most basic liberties.

Any efforts to impose vaccine products by coercion alters the relationship between a government and its citizens and undermines trust in both government and the medical profession.

To recap - what the new Regulations mean comes down to this:
Sec 5(2): mandates the vaccine status report or proof of vaccination,

Sec 6: mandates a written and signed statement if your child is not fully vaccinated including the reason for not vaccinating with all or some vaccines,

Sec 7(3)a: mandates attendance at information session with your not fully vaccinated child (!) and meeting w/public health officer/nurse also with your child!               
By not complying with any one of these three mandatory Regulations would constitute an infraction and would put families at risk of being subjected to undue harsh retaliation and punishment by the state.

In a legal opinion received from a Canadian Constitutional Law Specialist on the new BC Regulations, we learned that;
"The new Regulations, in concert and through ss.107 and 108 of the Public Health Act, impose draconian measures, as well as monetary fines of up to $200,000.00 and up to six (6) months in jail, and flagrantly violate:

(a) a person's freedom of conscience and belief contrary to s.2 of the Charter;

(b) a person's freedom and security of the person to their physical and psychological integrity, over the control and decisions over their own body, contrary to s. 7 of the Charter, with a law that is "overly broad", which is contrary to the tenets of fundamental justice under s.7 of the Charter, in not allowing for any personal or individual exemptions;

(c) violates the right to equal treatment under the law, contrary to s.15 of the Charter, in that the Regulations and Act do not apply to Indigenous persons, which clearly vitiates the validity and valid objective of the law with respect to its purported purpose."

The threat of fines and imprisonment for non-compliance to a mandatory reporting regulation are especially drastic as this is an administrative process only that will not reduce the public risk of contracting a communicable disease.

Further, it is being applied in a coercive and discriminatory manner. The government press release on this mandatory reporting regulation states: “Most parents are already in compliance with this requirement, so they will not need to do anything further when the new school year starts.”

However, the parents who have received letters from their local public health units containing an immunization status record for their child actually indicate that further action is required even though the record is on file and they are thus in compliance. Further actions include the directives to make a copy of the file, take it to their child’s school (which is noted in the letter) and call the public health unit for an appointment. These letters are only being sent to parents if their child has not received all recommended vaccinations. Why are these parents singled out since the records are already on file and they are in compliance with the reporting regulation?

In a June 28 Global News Report regarding this new legislation, Health Minister Adrian Dix is quoted as saying, “It’s a significant change. The first year will involve engaging with parents to ensure we have a full record.” He also said, “we think mandatory reporting makes sense for everyone: schools, parents and communities.”

Vaccine Choice Canada disagrees with the Health Minister’s opinion that “mandatory reporting makes sense for everyone.” Although the new Regulations do not make vaccination mandatory, we see this as a step in that direction.  Dear BC Parents outlines our concerns with the new Regulations and we hope it inspires BC parents to take action against government imposed medical tyranny.

We also provide additional resources and information on our Dear BC Parents page that parents can print off and take to their MLA to help them articulate why they are opposed to the new regulation. As well, we encourage parents to exercise their right to medical records privacy and the right to make voluntary and informed medical decisions for their families. 

BC parents should also know that, in Ontario, “parents are now refusing to attend education sessions, sign affidavits and are continuing to send their children to school even when they have received a notice of suspension.”

On a positive note, VCC billboards have been placed along a busy highway in West Kelowna. These are the same billboards that were posted in the Greater Toronto Area in February. These billboards contain simple messages informing parents that vaccines have risks and that vaccines are not required for school. You can view the billboards as rotating slides on the main page of our website.

In Toronto, our billboards remained up for about 5 days before being forced down by pro-pharma bullies. In BC, they have been up in that location since June the 29th! There has been no media attention regarding these billboards nor any official calls to take them down. As of today, July the 29th, the billboards have been on display for a month, potentially being seen by thousands of drivers on the highway.

We will continue to encourage and support BC parents to stand strong in their convictions and to resist coercion in the face of these new heavy-handed Regulations.


Events and Petitions

Our Choice Canada - Preserving Medical Freedom Through Education - Education Walk on August 31 in various locations throughout Canada

Our Choice Walk - Facebook (closed) group

One Day-One Voice.  Voice Against Vaccine Injury Epidemic (VIE) - November 14, 2019 - Washington DC

Petition to New Brunswick Government - List of Canadians against Mandatory Vaccination

Fundraising Appeal

We knew it was coming.  Mandates are now knocking at our door - and we need your help.

Currently, Vaccine Choice Canada is working on several fronts across the country:

  • in the public education realm via our continuously updated website and ongoing communications through various other media
  • in opposing legislation in NB, BC and ON
  • installing billboards in BC, AB, MB, and ON
  • in the legal realm
  • in defending parent’s rights against the ISPA in Ontario
  • bringing in medical and science experts to testify to vaccine risks and the fundamental right to medical freedom
  • and most importantly keeping our membership informed and up to date

You, our members, are critically important.  You are spreading the word to friends and family, to your communities and representatives, to your health care providers and others.

We are here to serve you, to equip you to do this, and to defend your rights to freedom of speech and freedom of medical choice.

Please support our work with a generous donation – especially as we prepare to defeat Bill 39 in NB which would usher in mandated vaccines to NB and set a precedent for other jurisdictions to follow.

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