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  April/May 2019
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  • CBC's Cross Country Checkup on Mandatory Vaccines
  • Citizens Address the Toronto Board of Health on Vaccines
  • Liberal Senate Forum on Vaccination
  • Association for Vaccine Damaged Children 1986 Queen’s Park Press Conference
  • World Health Organization (WHO) – Decrees From On High
  • No Mercy for Mothers or Their Vaccine Injured Children
  • Links to additional News Articles

CBC's Cross Country Checkup on Mandatory Vaccines

On Sunday, May 5th, CBC Radio’s call in talk show Cross Country Checkup featured the topic, “Should the Measles Shot be Mandatory”.  We are so pleased that VCC Board member Christine Colebeck was invited to participate in a pre-taped interview. Christine was the lead guest on the program.

Christine is the mother of 5 children and recounted the tragic death of her first born healthy 3-month-old daughter within hours of getting her first vaccine, a DPT shot. Her daughter’s death was acknowledged by doctors as having been caused by the pertussis (whooping cough) portion of the vaccine and she was advised not to give pertussis vaccine to any other children in future.

Christine continued to dutifully vaccinate her children with all the other vaccines on the schedule until one of her children had a severe reaction to MMR vaccine after which she stopped vaccinating them altogether.

Christine provides insight into typical medical denial when her children developed pertussis which the doctors discounted, even though they had not received that reactive vaccine.  She insisted that tests be done which proved that they did have pertussis, as did the fully vaccinated foster children who were in her care at that time.

Should the measles shot be mandatory? - includes link to listen to the full episode

Citizens Address the Toronto Board of Health on Vaccines

On April 8, 2019, The Toronto Board of Health had an Agenda Item “Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy“.  This agenda came about after Vaccine Choice Canada’s billboards appeared in Toronto, and were eventually forced down. Simultaneously, the World Health Organization released a statement that named ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as one of the top 10 threats to global health, signaling an intensification of pro-vaccine propaganda world wide.
Four citizens addressed the Toronto Board of Health.  Joel Sussmann’s presentation went viral with tens of thousands of views across social media platforms.   You can view all of the presentations here.

Unfortunately the citizens’ concerns fell on deaf ears and the board passed the motion,

That the Board of Health:

1. Request the Medical Officer of Health to report to the Board of Health at its meeting on September 23, 2019 with Toronto Public Health’s strategy to address vaccine hesitancy which should include the following:

a. Investigating the potential to restrict misleading advertising regarding vaccinations on City-owned land and infrastructure;

b. Consulting with Health Canada regarding their ability to use additional regulations under their legislative authority to restrict misleading advertising regarding vaccinations;

c. Additional actions to ensure that the public has the necessary information to make informed decisions about the importance of vaccinations for the health of all members of our community, including consideration of a public education campaign; and

d. Assistance the Medical Officer of Health can provide to health care providers to ensure that they can support families in making informed vaccination decisions.

To view the Vaccine Choice Canada billboards click here.

Liberal Senate Forum on Vaccination

On April 10, 2019, the Liberal Senate Forum hosted a panel discussion on Vaccination: We know what the problem is; what are the solutions? in Ottawa, Ontario.

To view the 2 hour panel discussion and read correspondence to the Senators click here.

Apparently no one thought to invite vaccine injury victims to the table. There was no one speaking on behalf of the tens of thousands of Canadian families whose children have suffered devastating neurological and immune system injuries following vaccination. The blatant misinformation and lies uttered by the participating medical bureaucrats and key opinion leaders (KOLs) went unchallenged, with the Globe and Mail’s Andre Picard adding insult to injury against those who question vaccine safety, 

"As you've heard from people there is a very small hard core of anti-vaxxers.  This is a "tiny minority of intellectual and moral degenerates" .....  "they deserve to be condemned and marginalized and exposed for what they are - charlatans who are cashing in on fear."  

Association for Vaccine Damaged Children 1986 Queen’s Park Press Conference

Thirty-three years ago, on April 30, 1986, Ontario families of vaccine injured children made the trek to Queen’s Park for a demonstration and press conference.

“When we realized that there were so many of us, whose children had been affected by the DPT vaccine we formed our Association both to represent our children who cannot speak for themselves and to support each other. We are deeply committed to ensure that all Canadian parents have vaccine information, which we did not have, in order that they can make responsible decisions. It’s clear through our work that no matter how immediately a child reacts to the vaccine it is simply not being acknowledged and there is no follow up to determine the degree of damage or long term effect to the child’s health. This across the board denial prevents the government and the public from having any true knowledge of the extent of damage and death that the vaccine is causing. How many children is this happening to? Nobody knows for sure.” – Edda Goldman West

To view the 1 hour press conference or read the transcript click here.

World Health Organization (WHO) – Decrees From On High

The launch of a forum with partners to discuss the future decade of immunization has ominous overtones of what is to come.  It’s declaration of a “unified vision and approach for vaccines and immunization, with clear strategies and tactics that sets a new compelling country-centric vision and provides direction for the global immunization community in the coming decade”, portends a tightening of the screws on vaccine resistance and increased attacks on our most basic right – the right to bodily integrated and refusal of unwanted medical treatment.

“People must be at the centre of healthcare and their free and equal rights to essential healthcare services such as vaccinations must be observed throughout their life-course, without discrimination,” said Ms Kate Gilmore, Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations who then added this Orwellian afternote,

“There is no such thing as a right to refuse vaccines when the consequences of doing so is to be borne by others and undermine the rights of others to health, as recognized in the International Human Rights Framework.”

Unbeknownst to most is the disturbing fact that the WHO has revised the definition of adverse events following immunization (AEFI) to the detriment of all children. This will increase the propensity for doctors to discount vaccine reactions and injures, giving them even greater license to ignore injuries and deaths following vaccination.  The new assessment algorithms weaken the possibility of determining whether a vaccination is linked to an adverse event or injury and means that an adverse event can only be related to vaccination if there is previous epidemiological evidence that such a reaction was caused by the vaccine.  

As discussed in this article “the new guidelines will allow all deaths after vaccinations seen in post marketing surveillance to be classified as “coincidental” or “unclassifiable”.

Indian pediatrician and researcher, Dr. Jacob Puliyel is very worried that, “by this criteria, deaths after vaccination in children with malnutrition can all be ignored and cannot be “solely attributable to vaccine with no other factor intervening”.  Furthermore says Puliyel,

"This would mean that AEFI in children with an underlying heart disease who may develop symptoms of cardiac decompensation after vaccination, the cardiac decompensation would not be considered causally related to the vaccine as before, although vaccination contributed to cardiac failure in this specific situation.”

NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher provides an astute analysis of the WHO+Pharma+Gates Foundation and government partnerships and what this means. She writes that they, along with internet and mass media giants,

“join together to aggressively market vaccines and promote “no exceptions” vaccine use policies endorsed by the WHO and governments. The threat to autonomy and freedom of thought and speech posed by these companies, especially in censoring online public conversations about vaccination and health, is considerable.”

No Mercy for Mothers or Their Vaccine Injured Children

NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher offers another astute analysis on the ‘vaccine culture wars’ battering parents who choose to make informed vaccine decisions.   She writes,

“Today, parents whose children have been injured by vaccines are being demonized and discriminated against for speaking publicly about what happened to their children after vaccination.1 There is no other minority in America being subjected to public humiliation and censorship for simply speaking the truth."

What is unfolding worldwide is an orchestrated assault on the basic human right to determine what goes into our bodies and that of our children. The corporate entities that control the public health discourse on vaccination, target dissenters with propaganda techniques well known for inciting hatred and loathing of ‘the other’ by marginalizing, accusing ostracizing, shunning and disparaging those who disagree with its edicts. Our freedom of speech is denied us by the global media which ruthlessly censors all dissenting opinions.  Concerned voices are silenced and not permitted to be heard. Barbara Loe Fisher writes,

“It is clear that mass media communications today is being controlled by corporations financially tied to pharmaceutical companies and influenced by powerful political institutions in society. It goes a long way to explaining why mainstream media outlets have been united in attacking parents and physicians who defend the ethical principle of informed consent, including informed consent to vaccination, and are calling for vaccine exemptions to be severely restricted or eliminated.”

Vaccine resisters have been ghettoized by the mass media with its incessant flood of loathing leveled at those who question or reject the prescribed vaccines. The barrage of hate speech is aimed at vaccine resisters who are most often the mothers living the reality of their child’s descent into vaccine injury, and chronic debilitating illnesses.  It is they who bear the burden of lifelong care for the children whose health and lives have been ruined by routine ‘safe and effective’ vaccines.

When as individuals, we are no longer permitted to question a pressing health issue like ‘vaccine safety’ without the boot of the state threatening to crush our basic human right to bodily integrity, we know that as a society, we have crossed the line from democracy into tyranny.


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