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  January - February 2019
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In this issue:

  • Our Billboard Campaign
  • Measles Hysteria – Why the Fear?
  • The Current Outbreak of Measles
  • Pedaling Backward Epidemiologically
  • Pro-Vaccine Forces Escalate the Rhetoric
  • Del Bigtree – Of Big Heart and Big Courage -  The Big ICAN REPORT
  • The Relevance of the ICAN Report to the Canadian Situation
  • Protecting Vaccines or Protecting Children? Vaccine Safety Report 7
  • Attacking our Freedoms – The Global Strategy

Our Billboard Campaign 

By Edda West

Our amazing VCC Ontario team created four beautiful billboard images with brief text which were on display electronically at 50 random locations in the greater Toronto area. The billboard campaign was scheduled to run for two weeks. We had four rotating images that would have been displayed about 2 million times over 14 days. The billboards ran from February 22 until midday Wednesday, February 27 when, after a 5 day run, they were abruptly taken down by the billboard company in response to ‘complaints’. The nature of the complaints was not clarified.

The images and text were gentle and subtle, encouraging people to look into vaccine ingredients and the vaccine schedule asking, “How many is too many? Who decides?” The billboards sent shock waves through government and media corridors. There was outrage that “anti-vaxxers” could get away with such a PR stunt.  Instrumental in the ‘take down’ was Globe and Mail health reporter Carly Weeks who succeeded a few weeks earlier in having Del Bigtree’s speaking engagement cancelled at the upcoming Total Health Show in Toronto in April.

You can view the rotating slides on our home page at and also see some of the images, media articles and a lot of hate commentary at these links:

Globe & Mail
Global News – nice coverage in the video
CityNews- Anti-vaccine campaign very concerning: This one has the current health minister, Christine Eliott reassuring the public about vaccine safety and necessity. 

Why billboards you might ask?  One could say this is a last effort to engage the public and the medical system in a conversation about vaccine safety since our concerns and voices are now strictly censored and forbidden in mainstream broadcasting.

Putting up billboards forced reportage that would otherwise not happen.  So panic set in, when the slides and our messages came into prominent display in very public settings. The slides touched on the underpinnings of vaccine hesitancy and the growing disquiet in the population about vaccine safety.  Vaccine hesitancy is growing for a good reason.  Parents are worried about the health effect on their children of multiple injections of complex biochemical ingredients that have never been tested in placebo controlled research trials.

The emerging science now shows that aluminum adjuvant nano-articles used in many childhood vaccines are picked up at the injection site by immune cells and transported across the blood brain barrier into the brains of babies and young children causing inflammation and injuries. Today, children are injected with more vaccines during rapid brain growth in the first two years, than at any other time in life.

Knowledge of this information and the supporting science is not permitted in mainstream print or broadcast media which is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. The media has strict instructions forbidding the discussion of vaccine concerns, questions about safety, or reporting on the plight of vaccine injury victims.

Since 2015, when the ‘false balance’ doctrine was universally adopted by mainstream media, there has been a coordinated global effort to censor all discussion about vaccine risks and suppression of the emerging science identifying mechanisms of vaccine injury on the biological and cellular level. Our voices and concerns have been completely eliminated from the public square. And more censorship is happening on social media platforms now threatening to ban all vaccine risk information groups. Google is constantly changing its algorhythms to obscure access to websites like ours.

On Wednesday, February 27, the day our billboards were taken down, an aggressive cyber attack hit our website, closing access to a crawl and sending a clear message that we are being watched and on a hit list.  Seems we’ve hit a major nerve in the entities that threaten our most basic human rights.

The overall censorship and denigration of those who question vaccine safety is now so extreme we decided to launch a billboard campaign to let people know we exist, and that we are dedicated to protecting our basic human rights; the right to bodily integrity, the right to informed consent, and the right to refuse unwanted drugs or medical procedures.  Our billboard campaign, though short lived initially, achieved national media coverage, reaching many people and brought a tsunami of response - some of it vicious and threatening, with positive responses far outweighing the negative.

We are so grateful to the dedicated VCC members whose encouragement and financial support made this project possible.  We hope to launch more billboard campaigns in other areas of the country in our continuing effort to inform Canadians that the science is NOT settled, that there are many outstanding concerns about vaccine safety, and that vaccination like any other medical procedure carrying a risk of injury and death must ALWAYS remain voluntary. NO VACCINE MANDATES IN CANADA!

Measles Hysteria – Why the Fear?

Here we are again in the grip of measles hysteria, ramped up by pharma-controlled media whenever a few cases of measles appear.  The last big round of fear and loathing was in 2015 when 147 people of varying ages got measles at Disneyland, many of whom were fully vaccinated and led to the abolition of both religious and conscience vaccine exemptions for children in California.  That same year, a few cases in the Toronto area set off a major furor when a fully vaccinated adult male who wasn’t feeling well, walked into a doctor’s office and ended up with a measles diagnosis. In the same medical office that day was a woman with a new baby who discovered that an undiagnosed measles case had been there too.  Furious that her baby may have been exposed, she whipped up a social media storm that went on for months, accusing anti-vaxxers of putting her through hell worrying that her newborn baby might get measles.

In the pre-vaccine era, this wouldn’t have been a concern as babies were superbly protected from measles in the first year of life, thanks to the robust, cross-placental immunity mothers imparted to their infants. That strong cross generational immunity is no longer possible today as most women of childbearing age who have received MMR vaccine can only impart a weaker and shorter immunity to their babies.

 In 2011 a large measles outbreak in Quebec started with a fully vaccinated teacher who contracted measles while on holiday abroad and unknowingly infected a large group of students at the high school where he was employed. The majority of the students were also fully vaccinated.

What’s become clear with these and other measles outbreaks, is that the MMR vaccine does not provide long term immunity and that fully vaccinated people can still get measles and spread it to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.  Whereas in the pre-measles vaccine era when everyone got measles in childhood, their natural immunity lasted a lifetime.  Outbreaks of measles beyond childhood were almost unheard of. As well, regular boosting of immunity was reinforced by exposure to measles as it cycled through the new crop of young children every 2-3 years and the whole community benefitted from this ongoing exposures to children with measles.

Fifty years into this vast medical experiment, the well established pattern of natural measles cycles and its benefits to society, has been systematically unraveled by mass vaccination programs. Two generations into the experiment, it’s obvious that the MMR vaccine can only impart temporary artificial immunity that silently declines over time, leaving large swaths of unidentified people susceptible to the disease.

For a brief, well-researched glimpse into the history of measles vaccines, Larry Solomon’s The Unold Story of Measles is a classic. He writes,

“Several decades following the vaccine’s introduction, the measles death rate rose, largely because the vaccine made adults, expectant mothers and infants more vulnerable.”

It’s a story well worth reading to remind us that the promise of MMR vaccine providing lifelong immunity was an experimental fantasy with hidden costs that health officials and the medical industry prefer to avoid addressing. They are so invested in the vaccine dogma that they cannot admit the failure of their experiment with its vast repercussions to societal immunity and health.

While the MMR vaccine succeeded in stopping the cyclical rounds of measles in young children, there was a big cost.  By preventing measles at the most appropriate and safe age, within a generation it dismantled the broad population based natural immunity that had evolved over millennia.

In addition to the MMR suppression of the natural cycle of measles, is the fallout from the dozen additional vaccines loaded into the child in the first two years of life. The repeated injection of young children with multiple doses of complex biochemical compounds during intensive brain and immune system development lies at the root of the explosion of debilitating neurological and chronic diseases now afflicting our children and many young adults. The age of mass vaccination has ushered in an era of never before encountered complex, chronic neurological and autoimmune disease that has decimated the wellbeing of our children. 

Roman Bystrianyk’s excellent history of measles and its vaccines goes into more detail and also provides wonderful graphics depicting the massive declines in death before the introduction of any vaccine.

As a little refugee child living in harsh conditions in war torn Europe in the 1940s, I contracted measles around age 4, recovered from it, and have lived to tell the tale.  So did my older two healthy and well nourished children born in peaceful Canada in the 1960s.  One had measles at age 4.5 and the younger one came down with a full blown case a few weeks later at 9 months of age. Both sailed through it without incident.

As a young mom in the 1960s, I never had a moment of anxiety when my children got measles - it didn’t even require a doctor’s visit.  The mothers and grandmothers knew it wasn’t a big deal and were confident they could handle it with basic home care and common sense. There was the fever, the cough, the malaise – feeling like a big cold or flu was starting.  But then once the well recognized rash started breaking out, first at the hairline, then spreading over the whole face, and finally descending down the torso and out to the extremities, you knew it wasn’t just a cold or flu.  It was the measles!!

A few days in bed, keeping the child warm and calm, lots of fluids, and plenty of TLC, within a week it was all over with the kids bouncing right back to normal. And some making developmental gains, a noticeable side benefit of measles.  Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that the measles was over and done with, and most important, the child had now gained the HUGE benefit of lifelong immunity. This was to celebrate!!  Not to denigrate, or ratchet up the fear and hysteria we see in today’s distorted response to a few cases of measles in children.

Fifty years ago, everyone understood that the optimal time to get measles is between ages 4-15 when the immune system is strong and resilient and can readily handle the viral disease. Everyone also knew that measles later in life is much riskier with a substantially increased mortality rate.  There was a strong sense that people REALLY understood intrinsically, that getting measles in childhood was a good thing and of benefit for life.  What happened to turn this around 180 degrees?

The vaccine ‘experts’ and public health authorities decided it was time to get rid of measles even though mortality rates in developed countries had dropped to an all time low.

Alexander Langmuir is known as the father of infectious disease epidemiology described measles as a ….. “self limiting infection of short duration, moderate severity and low fatality.” As Suzanne Humphries MD notes in her book, Dissolving Illusions, in the extensive chapter on the history of measles, its vaccines and treatment with vitamin A and C, “In 1949 he created the epidemiology section of what became the CDC.  Dr. Langmuir knew that measles was not a disease that needed eradication when he said’’,

“To those who ask me ‘Why do you wish to eradicate measles?’” “I reply with the same answer that Hillary used when asked why he wished to climb Mt. Everest. He said “Because it is there.” To this may be added, “… and it can be done.

The vaccine was created and mass marketed because it could be done, not because it was needed, or that it would improve the overall health of society. Langmuir equated the challenge of  developing the measles vaccine with climbing Mount Everest - the implication being that it was a superior athletic feat of vaccinology and should therefore be used to conquer the disease.  This despite there being no medical or scientific rationale for mass vaccination of the population, they proceeded with it nevertheless.

But here’s where hubris kicks in. The vaccine experts boastfully promised that one dose of the live measles vaccine would provide lifelong immunity. They made this dangerous assumption and rationalized it would eliminate the inconvenience of this mostly benign childhood disease.

At the time, vaccinology was still embryonic.  It hadn’t yet discovered basic immune system facts such as the various arms of the immune system, the major ones being Th1 and Th2 immunity.  The first is the cellular or “innate” aspect of the immune system with the Th1 arm prompting a full blown immune response with its search and destroy capability to vanquish incoming invaders.  The second Th2 arm is the “adaptive” aspect, the clean up crew that also creates memory of the infection and rallies the troops if and when needed again to confront the invader. These immune fundamentals weren’t discovered until the early 90’s, about 30 years after Langmuir’s boastful claims that they had conquered measles with a vaccine.

The claim of lifelong measles vaccine immunity was a fantasy that has turned into a nightmare.  On a regular basis, measles breaks out in both the fully vaccinated and the unvaccinated of varying ages. No one knows the percentage of adults vaccinated as children, who are still immune, or which fully vaccinated children are low responders and still vulnerable to infection, or in whom the vaccine just didn't 'take'.  

What we do know is that long term immunity requires a multi-level immune system response, which is not triggered by most vaccines. We also know that it is the older generation, those born in 1969 and earlier, most of whom had measles in childhood, who are the only ones upholding true herd immunity in society today. And even that is questionable because their immunity is no longer boosted by measles cycling regularly through the community.

The Current Outbreak of Measles

South of the border in states where measles cases have erupted, parents are fighting to stop legislation poised to remove the parental right to opt out of vaccines. In Canada mainstream media keeps pushing for mandatory vaccination deepening the wedge between those who believe in forcibly vaccinating everyone with every vaccine, and those who believe in the basic human right to voluntary, fully informed consent prior to any medical treatment.

In this informative series of charts created by our science researcher, Nelle Maxey, one can clearly see the cyclical nature of measles. When media headlines say measles cases “are increasing”, one must ask: “Compared to what—1 year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago?” We don’t see media headlines that say, “Measles cases are decreasing!”, which happens on a regular basis.

One of the measles cases in the Vancouver area at this time, involves a vaccinated child whose mother suspected he had measles, but the doctors who saw him at one hospital refused to consider it as a possibility, no doubt because he was fully vaccinated. So the assumption is he couldn’t possibly have measles. Eventually, the mother took her child to another hospital where someone recognized the rash and immediately put him into isolation. The positive test results came back the next day affirming he had measles. 

Another Vancouver area mother describes the situation in her family on the “No Mandates in BC” petition.   She writes:

“My unvaccinated son was one of the first measles cases in BC in this recent outbreak. He was hospitalized for several hours for dehydration but was released the same day and made a full recovery at home and missed 7 days of school. My sister-in-law, who is fully vaccinated, visited us during this time and is now in hospital with an extreme case of measles going on 3 days with very serious complications.”

In the pre-measles vaccine era, when the majority of adults were immune, there was no fear of being in contact with children who had measles.  Health officials today know that waning vaccine immunity is a HUGE problem in the adult population and that when and adult gets measles, the risk of morbidity and mortality is much higher. This is a PRIMARY underlying fear that drives today’s measles hysteria and strikes fear in public health officials.  In bygone times they would have just shrugged and acknowledged that measles was cycling through the new crop of children again, that it was normal and nothing to be worried about.  

Pedaling backward epidemiologically

Mass vaccination with measles vaccine has dismantled the robust, life long immunity that society enjoyed as a whole, achieved after millennia of measles cycling through human populations.  The twentieth century saw a spectacular decline in measles deaths, all prior to the introduction of the MMR vaccine and attributed to basic public health measures that improved overall societal health.

Mass vaccination with MMR has turned the epidemiological clock backwards to an era prior to the population having gained long lasting natural immunity. Many years ago, Barbara Loe Fisher talked about mass vaccination programs taking us back to being a ‘virgin population’ with temporary vaccine immunity having dismantled and replaced natural long-term immunity.  She was referring to the infectious disease disasters caused by Europeans who imported measles and smallpox against which the aboriginal people had no protection. The death rate was HUGE because they had no prior immunologic experience with these diseases.  Is that where we’re headed now?

At this point in medical history, we are two generations into the era of artificial measles immunity in which the majority of the population either has short-term immunity, or immunity is waning, or it’s not there at all.  This, despite massive efforts and propaganda to inject everyone with the MMR vaccine.

To put things into perspective, mass vaccination with MMR is a vast medical experiment that has backfired in unexpected ways with huge consequences. The hysteria that comes with every little cluster of measles popping up randomly, mirrors the deep fear that grips public health officials who worry that it could spread quickly in a population whose immune status is unknown and where risks for adults is very high should they get it. The fantasy of getting rid of the measles virus has resulted in the eradication of the robust lifelong natural immunity previously enjoyed by society as a whole in an era when everyone had measles in childhood.  It was the child who didn’t get measles by mid teen years that people really worried about because everyone knew measles later in life could have serious consequences.

Pro-Vaccine Forces Escalate the Rhetoric

Now that the World Health Organization (WHO) recently rated vaccine hesitancy as one of the top ten threats to global health, we’re reading it as a signal from top vaccine bosses that the heat is being turned up on vaccine resistance. These are marching orders from on high telling media attack dogs to toughen up on vaccine resisters and groups vocalizing their vaccine safety concerns.

Already we saw it play out recently when Globe and Mail health reporter, Carly Weeks publicly attacked the Total Health Show for having Del Bigtree listed as a presenter at this year’s conference.  Weeks spewed the usual twisted garbage….

“Mr. Bigtree has been making a number of false statements against vaccination.”

“Organizers of a controversial natural-health conference have cancelled the appearance of an anti-vaccine activist who had been scheduled as a headline speaker at the April event.”

“The change comes after The Globe and Mail reported that Del Bigtree, who spreads false information about what he describes as the dangers of vaccines and a vast government conspiracy to cover them up, was to appear at the Total Health Show in Toronto in April”,  gloated Weeks after Del’s cancellation as a presenter.

What is so utterly pathetic about this attack is that it’s not based on any reality that relates to the failing state of vaccine safety science, nor any discourse on the collapse of children’s health today.

This reporter is clearly not interested in the tremendous knowledge base that has emerged over the last dozen years revealing the biological, cellular and genetic mechanisms of vaccine injury.  Neither is she interested in the fact that scientists have now discovered that Aluminum adjuvant nano-particles used in many vaccines to boost immune response, are picked up by immune cells and dispersed to various organs, including the brain, where they fester, inciting inflammatory processes that result in brain injuries. There’s no concern that aluminum’s potent neurotoxicity has no beneficial function in the body, least of all in the developing brain of infants and young children. That is an untouchable subject by pharma controlled media!

As a health reporter, one would expect Weeks to investigate the current science demonstrating that repeated immune system provocation during gestation and infancy leads to a range of immune system and brain injuries in children. Contrary to expectation however, her primary role seems to be making a lot of noise ripping people apart, causing mayhem and fear, and forcing the cancellation of distinguished guests from speaking appearances. Her specialty it seems is shutting down discourse on this complex topic and obstructing freedom of speech. Carly Weeks reminds us not so subtly, that her brand of pejorative, hate speech journalism is the favourite tool of tyrants whose first victim is free speech. It is also the primary tool used today to suppress knowledge of the new science that motivates and drives the vaccine resistance movement.

Well known Canadian vaccine risk awareness authors, Heather Fraser and Ted Kuntz wrote of their concerns. In her article, The reality of vaccine injury: A much needed lessons for Carly Weeks, Heather reminds us of the thousands of Canadian babies who were the test subjects for the first 5 in 1 experimental DPT+Hib+Polio vaccine called PENTA that injured her son and countless other children, leaving them with lifelong chronic health injuries, and which launched the food allergy epidemic.  She provides historical insight into provincial health legislation introduced by Ontario MPP Jack Pierce who had many families in his riding with vaccine injured children. It was his concern about vaccine safety that resulted in the passing of Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act in 1990.

Ted Kuntz’s letter to Globe and Mail publisher, Phillip Crawley calls on the G & M to “End the Deception”.  He writes,

“The Globe and Mail is either knowingly complicit in the elimination of human rights including the right to informed consent, the right to body sovereignty, and the right to free will, or you are uninformed or misinformed of the ability of vaccines to contribute to the systemic harming of our children.

This is understandable as there is massive fraud and deception being promulgated by the patent drug industry. The demonstrable truth is that what the vaccine industry, government regulators and mainstream media say science says about vaccine safety and effectiveness, and what science actually tells us are two completely different and contradictory things.”

In a recent HighWire broadast, Del Bigtree replays the video of the interview he gave Carly Weeks. Reading from the text of her defamatory articles, juxtaposing what he actually said to her, and what she wrote, is both entertaining and sobering as it demonstrates how the media twists the topic of vaccine injuries and lack of safety science into what we recognize as “Fake News” to stifle debate and obstruct the truth.

Del Bigtree – Of Big Heart and Big Courage -  The Big ICAN REPORT

Del Bigtree is a courageous and knowledgeable spokesperson on this difficult and complex topic.  Clearly he has studied the issue in depth, and is well armed with the published science and knows how to impart credible, well researched information in a way that inspires confidence in the truth he speaks. Del came onto the scene as a producer of the documentary Vaxxed and travels widely speaking on the many aspects of the vaccine issue.  He is articulate, charismatic, and irreverent as he fearlessly delivers truth punch after truth punch on The HighWire, his weekly video broadcast.  His aim is to reveal the fraud perpetrated by the government drug and vaccine bureaucracy which has for decades, permitted the licensing and global mass marketing of vaccines that have NEVER been adequately tested for safety. 

Just recently, Bigtree’s Informed Consent Network (ICAN) released a blockbuster 88 page Report. Through Freedom of Information requests and legal actions, ICAN was able to obtain all vaccine research studies on all currently licensed vaccines on which America’s top health bureaucracy, Health & Human Services (HHS), bases its claim for vaccine safety. The ICAN team spent a year analyzing all the studies which resulted in this Report.

This is a “must read” report for everyone concerned about vaccine safety and methods used by government regulatory agencies to approve vaccine research trials and license vaccines. It is an eye-opener the likes of which we’ve not yet seen. It exposes the deeply flawed and inadequate (some say criminal) research trial conduct allowed vaccine makers by government regulatory agencies.

Vaccines are granted a special status as “biologicals” which magically exempts them from being rigorously tested like all other drugs, enabling them to bypass longstanding drug research standards that normally require several years to complete.  Making vaccines is a complicated process because both chemical and biologically active ingredients that can include particles of viruses, bacteria, proteins, heavy metals, fungicides, preservatives, adjuvants, emulsifiers and growth mediums based on animal, insect and human fetal tissue may be included in the brew. This means that DNA residue from these various sources may be in that final complex biochemical compound that is injected intensively into babies and young children in the first few years of life.

Because vaccines are delivered by injection, the risk of ‘insertional mutagenisis’ is real. This means that foreign DNA can be inserted into the human genome, causing genetic alterations that can continue indefinitely into subsequent generations. Unlike other drugs which can be discontinued if side effects appear, once injected, vaccine ingredients cannot be removed. 

The new science now shows us that aluminum nanoparticles and other ingredients are picked up by immune cells going to the injection site to deal with the injected foreign material. The immune cells then distribute these neurotoxic compounds throughout the body including the developing brain where damaging inflammatory process can cause brain injury.  When aluminum (Al) is injected, the kidneys can’t clear it, because it is a very different form of Al from that found in food and water.

Shockingly, ICAN found that NOT ONE of the 30 licensed vaccine brands, the majority of which are injected into infants and young children in the first 18 months of life, starting on the day of birth, has ever been tested against a control group given an inert, non-reactive placebo. The exception is one small group of older children who participated in the Gardasil trials who were injected with a saline (salt water) solution.

“The use of placebo control groups is essential to protect society from the harm that could result from widespread use of ineffective or unsafe medical treatments. The fact that HHS does not and apparently will not require pharmaceutical companies to use a placebo control in pediatric vaccine clinical trials evidences HHS’s lack of confidence in the safety profile of these products.

If HHS had confidence in their safety profiles, it would require that vaccine clinical trials – as is typical for drug clinical trials – include a placebo-control group……….[and]…… pediatric vaccines should be licensed based on placebo-controlled clinical trials so that HHS can assess their safety profiles prior to approving"

The Relevance of the ICAN Report to the Canadian Situation

Why is the ICAN Report important to Canadians concerned about vaccine safety? Doesn’t Health Canada do all the “bench’ science for us to insure vaccine safety?  Well, actually not. Vaccine manufacturers do all the studies and most are first submitted to the FDA for approval before seeking approval in other countries.

The U.S. Federal Drug Agency (FDA), is the top drug regulatory agency in the world. It sets the global standard for drug licensing. If a drug company wants a global market for its product, it first seeks an FDA license, then applies for further licensing wherever it wants to sell its product.  The FDA is the foremost influential drug regulatory agency to which multinational pharmaceutical companies go for drug and vaccine approval. Vaccine makers submit their research trial studies, that is,  the ones they believe will give them the best shot at approval.

Once licensed by the FDA, the door opens for regulatory agencies in other countries to review the research trials and studies on which the FDA based its licensing approval. Regulatory agencies like Health Canada then review the FDA licensing data and initiate a bureaucratic approval process through a group of medical experts to evaluate the research trials on which the FDA granted licensing.  Health Canada’s panel of experts is the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), which recommends approval of new vaccines and their addition to the childhood vaccination schedule.

Once approved, the government engages in negotiating purchasing deals with the drug company on costs, and long term contracts on the continued use of the various brands of vaccines in Canada.  The vaccine brands licensed for use in this country, the majority of which are injected into Canadian children, are made by giant multinational pharmaceutical corporations; Merck, GSK, Sanofi Pasteur, Pfizer.

Vaccine components may be imported and assembled from various parts of the world.  The public has no idea where all the complex biochemical ingredients which make up vaccine formularies come from -  the viral and bacterial antigens, growth mediums, fixatives, preservatives, enhancers, detergents, emulsifiers, adjuvants, and other undisclosed ‘proprietary’ ingredients that comprise these drugs we naively trust are safe to inject into our precious children.

Once the biggest hurdle, licensing, is overcome, the vaccine is then incorporated into the Canadian vaccine schedule, creating a de facto guaranteed market for the steady stream of vaccines moving down the development pipeline.

A recent letter in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) complained that the ‘Pharma chorus now dominates the public narrative on vaccines’, and held up the orchestrated measles hysteria campaign flooding mainstream media around the world.

“Indeed, with yet another opportunistic 'measles' article, the 'Pharma-led chorus' dominates the public narrative on vaccination, and citizens are kept in the dark about the gross conflicts of interest surrounding vaccination policy, and the burgeoning global vaccine product market, tipped to exceed US$77.5 billion by 2024.[2] A major segment of this market, the United States, provides protection from product liability for vaccine manufacturers via its controversial National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which was created in the 1980s. This US protection of vaccine manufacturers from product liability is likely to have had repercussions throughout the world.”

As the old adage says, “follow the money” and you’ll soon know who’s calling the shots.

The likelihood is that Canadian children are injected with vaccines that have never been tested against an inert/neutral placebo control group as is the demonstrated pattern in the U.S. This means that adverse vaccine reactions are easily denied by the medical system, since the events did not show up in the sham clinical trials. And because vaccine regulators like the FDA, CDC and Health Canada refuse to conduct studies comparing the long term, overall health in vaccinated and unvaccinated groups, it is impossible to determine the extent of the negative impact vaccines have on children’s health and on society as a whole.

To reiterate the importance of the ICAN Report findings, all the vaccine trials they scrutinized, all comparative ‘control groups’ were injected with false placebos, such as vaccine components without the antigens, or a potent adjuvant like aluminum salts, or another vaccine served as the comparator. All these faux-placebos will accelerate immune responses and serve to mask adverse events arising from the vaccine.

Protecting Vaccines or Protecting Children? Vaccine Safety Report 7

Analyzing government reports on adverse events following vaccination (AEFI) is a daunting task few people have the skill, expertise or determination to tackle. Nelle Maxey, our intrepid science researcher is that person. This, her 7th Vaccine Safety Report, is derived from documents and statistics published by Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) who run Canada’s dual adverse events reporting system. The Report provides disturbing insight into the fact that our government health regulatory agencies are ‘managing’, ‘massaging’ and withholding AEFI information from the public.  Health Canada runs the publicly searchable Canada Vigilance(CV) system while PHAC runs the secretive,  non-transparent and un-searchable CAEFISS reporting system.

Quoting from Vaccine Safety Report 7:

“Since ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is the new watch word, it appears our public health officials and their industry-linked experts and advisors have decided that the solution to their problem is to withhold AEFI information. What we are seeing over time with the CAEFISS reports in their various iterations is a slow removal of vaccine safety surveillance information from the public eye. We are only being given very selective information. Unlike the CV database where the public has access to AEFI reports, CAEFISS AEFI reports are all kept behind closed doors. The public’s only access to the bulk (greater than 80%) of Canadian adverse events reports is through these increasingly nontransparent and uninformative Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) CAEFISS reports.

The special subject in this report is the relationship between adverse events and vaccines, commonly referred to as causality. When these safety surveillance systems were established, less emphasis was put on protecting vaccines and more emphasis on protecting children than we see now.  Recent changes to the terms used in causality assessments of adverse events is of great concern as it will further reduce the number of adverse events that will be assessed as related to vaccinations and therefore reported as AEFIs.”

“The Canadian public deserves recognition of their right to informed consent, which includes the right to information and also to refusal of medical procedures of any kind that they may deem as too great a risk.

Denying that vaccinations could have caused this death and injury—by physicians and their professional associations, by public health employees who administer vaccines and by the entire Public Health bureaucracy from the Provincial to the Federal level—has further undermined public trust."

“We conclude that over the last 75 years of childhood vaccination programs in Canada, the number of parents who have held their damaged children in their arms is vast and continues to grow. These parents know what happened to their children. They and their family members will always know as they care for and mourn their damaged and their lost.”

Attacking Our Freedoms – The Global Strategy

Today our basic freedoms are under attack like never before. Our right to freedom of speech is censored at every turn on the vaccine issue, as industry controlled media blocks discussion of any point of view other than the ‘vaccines are safe and effective’ dogma. Factual reporting of the gaps in vaccine safety science is forbidden, as is the public discussion of the harms inflicted on children by today’s bloated vaccine schedule. Forbidden as well is any discussion of the new science that identifies how vaccines cause brain and immune system injuries. The science that shows how immune activation caused by vaccines leads to brain injury has been evolving for 15 years, and should by now be a common topic of conversation.  But it’s not because this knowledge is intentionally suppressed by the powerful entities that control the public discourse on vaccines.

Our basic human right to choose or reject this invasive medical treatment is under attack by provincial governments tracking and monitoring children’s vaccine status and narrowing parents’ access to personal belief exemptions from vaccines and the relentless media blitz on anyone who challenges the status quo on vaccine safety.

The B.C. government’s recent capitulation to the fear mongering over a few measles cases has led British Columbia’s Health Minister Adrian Dix to announce that mandatory reporting of children’s vaccine status will be in place for the start of school in September.  All students in both public and private schools will be required to provide proof of immunization against diseases such as the measles.  Parents who refuse vaccines based on religious or philosophical grounds will be required to attend a course designed to show them the risks of not vaccinating their children. Dix said new legislation is not needed, since regulations can be added in accordance with the Public Health Act.  “It’s my view mandatory reporting can happen in a relatively short period of time,” said Dix. “The long period required to wait for legislation is not required in this case and we can move forward more quickly.”  Ted Kuntz, VCC Vice President has written this response to Adrian Dix in protest of this move.

In her highly informative lecture series entitled ‘Manufactured Consent’, Dr. Suzanne Humphries MD lays out the global vaccine plan, discusses who the players are, and the strategies used to shape public opinion.  The sinister imposition of more and more vaccines is the goal.

In 1997 the World Health Organization formulated a strategy known as the Children’s Vaccine Initiative (CVI),  and in 1998 published the ‘Vision of Vaccination’ for the 21st Century. The vaccine ‘vision’ has expanded over the years to embrace many ‘stakeholders’ and partnerships which include the World Health Organization (WHO), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Bank, UNICEF, the pharmaceutical industry, the Rockefeller Foundation, numerous NGOs and public health organizations. Their aim is to make vaccines a core topic in society resulting in what Dr. Humphries calls, “a ‘slow cooking’ of human frogs from cold water, hopefully that we wouldn’t even notice what was happening, to get us all to a point where we could see nothing else other than the dogma.”

Australian vaccine risk awareness activist Elizabeth Hart wrote an excellent overview analysis on CVI in the comments section of this Age of Autism article.

“The CVI Strategic Plan is the blueprint for the manipulation of the entire international community by a coalition of organisations from the public, non-government and private sectors, apparently working in the best interests of the vaccine industry……….. This is a massive international political scandal, with more and more governments moving towards mandating lucrative vaccine products…..and actively denying citizens the right to question burgeoning vaccine schedules and coercive vaccination policy”

The Gates Foundation tentacles are everywhere even to the extent of influencing policy at the “independent” Cochrane Collaboration. Everything changed when the Gates Foundation donated $10 Billion to make 2010 to 2020 the 'Decade of Vaccines' with the goal being, vaccination of every person on the planet.

It is this obscene amount of money that has funded the sophisticated PR machine that relentlessly pumps out exaggerated fear of diseases, excoriates anyone who questions vaccines, blocks all critical analysis and inquiry into vaccine science, demonizes the vaccine hesitant, and has enabled the vaccine stakeholders to ‘plant flags’ on every corner of the globe with a focus on making vaccines mandatory for all people everywhere. It’s view is to “making vaccines a lifestyle event for all people, from cradle to grave.”

The WHO’s strategic plan on immunization (CVI) first published in 1993, has now morphed into the global immunization vision and strategy under GAVI to which Bill Gates often makes reference in his publicity.  In her video lecture, Dr. Humphries cautions;

“Today we have a computer software billionaire, the pharmaceutical industry, academia, the US Department of Homeland Security* and the World Health Organization all speaking and working in unison towards the same goals.  These alliances should have anyone who listens and watches asking lots of questions because the goals are to restrict our health freedom, to censor what we read and can say, and remove our ability to choose what goes into our bodies.”

And this is where we find ourselves today struggling against a monolithic entity that has captured government regulatory agencies, policy makers, public health, mass media and has solidly implanted it’s vaccine dogma into the public’s psyche. It pretends the dogma is based on ‘settled science’ while suppressing the new science that exposes the dangerous flaws inherent in the vaccine paradigm.  It would rather uphold its malevolent theology while knowingly injuring our children, than admit its outdated paradigm is founded on fraudulent science.

Isn’t it time we challenge the exploitation of the global community with an ever expanding line up of these complex biochemical products that are at the root of the epidemic of neurological and autoimmune disorders?   Isn’t it time these entities be held accountable for the vaccine war being waged on humanity?

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