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  • Of Vaccine Bullies & Censorship     
  • Immune Activation and its Risks
  • Taking on a Giant
  • Canadian Immunization Conference -2018
  • Deadly Medicine and the Mob
  • Vaccine Injury Denialism – The Lie is Wearing Thin
  • Of Cockroaches and viruses – the new hate speech against vaccine resistors
  • The Globalist Pharma Cabal
  • In the News

Of Vaccine Bullies & Censorship by Edda West

As a vaccine injury parent and veteran of the vaccine wars these past 3+ decades, I’ve watched with increasing alarm as the conversation in mainstream media has devolved from concerned interest in vaccine risks, even compassion for the vaccine injured, into a media culture war that bullies and demonizes anyone who dares question vaccine safety. Dominating all media conversation on vaccines today, is a steady stream of vilification, derision, hatred and censorship of any views that deviate from the status quo pro-vaccine, anti-choice agenda. The vaccine injury denial camp targets anyone who rejects vaccines as necessary, safe and effective and who chooses instead alternative health modalities to nurture health in their families.  Regardless of the toxic climate, people are turning away in droves from the vaccine agenda, with good reason.

According to the latest stats from the CDC, 1 in 40 U.S. children is now diagnosed with autism.  There’s no reason to think we’re any better off in Canada where official estimates lag far behind because of provincial statistical gaps, and where 1 in 66 children ages 5-17 has an autism diagnosis. Many in the autism community believe however, that it’s much higher and more likely that 1 in 36 children to 1 in 25 is on the spectrum.  After the U.S. government passed legislation giving vaccine manufacturers a free pass from liability in the mid 1980s, a slew of aluminum containing vaccines were licensed and added to the childhood vaccine schedule. This was followed by a steady increase in brain and immune system injuries, many of which resulted in an autism diagnosis, along with a broad range of chronic illnesses and allergic diseases including asthma and anaphylaxis caused by life threatening food allergies.

Compounding this insult to injury in early life, is the unprecedented exposure of children to toxic chemicals unleashed into the environment during the same time frame. Children today are born already chemically compromised in the womb. Starting at birth many are injected with hepatitis B vaccine, followed by an intense schedule of dozens of vaccine doses in the first few years of life. At the same time children are absorbing the daily chemical fallout from air, food and water.  It is very clear that the frightening decline in children’s health is the end point of an unprecedented biochemical assault never before experienced in the history of human existence.

As observed by the dedicated parents and professionals at the Children’s Health Defense “the narrative that vaccines are keeping children healthy is rapidly crumbling. Rates of chronic and autoimmune illness in American children have climbed to obscene levels (54% at last count), concurrently with rising vaccination rates—while U.S. life expectancy is falling.”

For many years Age of Autism’s Anne Dachel has documented the media mind warp that spins the fairy tale of no ‘REAL’ increase in autism. Even though autism rates continue to rise, the controlled media tells us this doesn’t mean that more children actually have autism. This myth is ruthlessly enforced and prevents the truth from reaching the masses. The grim realilty is that the neuroimmune injury called “autism” continues to increase because of vaccine overload in early life during critical phases of brain growth, the overuse of antibiotics and toxic fever suppressing drugs, and further compounded by the pervasive chemical poisoning children are exposed to daily.

The rise from 1 in 10,000 children with an autism diagnosis nearly 50 years ago to 1 in 40 today, is all about “better diagnosing” they say. The autism epidemic “isn’t real” they say. Autism has “always been with us”, they say.

Source J.B. Handley:

Immune Activation and its Risks

What ‘they’ won’t say however, what is forbidden to be discussed in the pharma controlled media, and what all pediatricians should know but are clueless about, and critical for all parents to understand, is that the immune system, the neurological, the endocrine system, and the brain are intimately connected. What affects one, affects the other. Anything that perturbs the immune system in significant ways in early life, is going to adversely affect the child’s developing brain. It is now recognized that

“immune activation during early brain development can affect the later-life outcomes of neural function, immune function, mood and cognition.”

In years gone by, everyone knew that high fevers in early infancy were risky and could result in brain injury to the child. Yet doctors today think nothing of injecting a 2 month old baby with 6 to 8 vaccines at one time, knowing full well it will provoke inflammation and fevers in the child. “Just give her some Tylenol” is the standard advice given to parents.  If parents haven’t done their research into vaccine safety, they will unknowingly submit their child to iatrogenic jeopardy in several ways:

  1. the artificial provocation of their child’s immune system that can lead to brain injury,
  2. masking the resulting symptoms with a neurotoxic drug can which further injure their child.

Parents aren’t told that acetaminophen (the active compound in Tylenol) is neurotoxic to the developing brain. According to researchers, a main concern is that, “exposure of babies and children to acetaminophen is actually driving the epidemic, resulting in a 10-fold or greater increase in the incidence of autism.” Studies in animal models show that, “acetaminophen use during a sensitive period of brain development causes long-term alterations in the brain and is manifested as problems with social function... the male brain is considerably more sensitive to acetaminophen than the female brain.”

Furthermore, acetaminophen depletes glutathione stores, the essential element needed by the baby to neutralize the toxic effects of the drug. Some children are born with an MTHFR mutation, a genetic condition that can “affect everything from the body’s ability to remove toxins all the way to immune function”, and is associated with neurological and mood disorders, including ADHD, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, autism, and more.

The intensive vaccination and re-vaccination of babies in the first two years of life is a repeating cycle of immune activation, inflammation and oxidative stress that can sabotage the normal sequences of brain development. Many studies indicate that, “children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis have brain pathology suggestive of ongoing neuroinflammation or encephalitis in different regions of their brains.”

Immune activation events can severely impact the developing brain in infants and young children because the immune system is intimately involved in brain development. “The accumulating evidence indicates that vaccine-induced immune activation, and aluminum adjuvants in particular, may cause mental illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism.”

Over the last dozen years or so brain and neuroimmune research has found that:
  • The immune system has a critical role in brain development; that immune cells are intimately involved in shaping the rapidly developing brain in early life.
  • The brain is “exquisitely” sensitive to various signals from immune cells and needs to remain in a non-inflammatory state for the brain to develop properly.
  • Immune activation during early brain development, both in utero and the first two years of life can “affect the later-life outcomes of neural function, immune function, mood and cognition”.
  • That immune activation triggered by illness or vaccines can derail normal brain development.
  • Immune cells orchestrate brain development and associated behavioral outcomes for the life of the individual.
  • Protecting the child’s rapidly growing brain means minimizing immune activation events that provoke the brain’s own immune cells, the microglia into inflammatory responses.

The vaccine paradigm is a relic from an era when almost nothing was known about the immune system.  Vaccination is a technology invented prior to the discovery of the dynamic relationship between the immune system and the brain. Vaccinology disregards this relationship and ignores the robust neuroimmune science that has evolved over the last several decades demonstrating this truth.

While the goal of vaccinology is to artificially force the immune system to produce antibodies against a targeted disease, it willfully ignores the new science showing that immune cells actually control and shape the trajectory of brain growth; that artificial provocation of the immune system creates a broad spectrum of risk to the developing brain.

Vaccinology is obsessed with maintaining control of its big turf in medicine. It is an ideology based on simplistic, crude and outdated science. Vaccine ideology is unconcerned with the widespread harms it inflicts on the developing brain and the long term consequences to societal health.

Because vaccine ideology is founded on an archaic concept of the immune system, it is fundamentally at odds with the new science. It conflicts with the fact that brain development is governed and directed by both the immune system and a precise biological blueprint that has evolved over millennia. Vaccine ideology is at war with the fact that repeated immune activation events ignited by vaccines, derail this exquisitely delicate process.

Taking On A Giant

The tale of a committed group of health professionals who set stunning legal precedents, despite insurmountable odds, to force policy change.

Cindy Campbell, RN wrote this good news article for us which we’re pleased to share with you in this issue of our News Bulletin. This is a remarkable victory by Ontario nurses for medical freedom.

On September 6th, 2018 the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) announced they won a second  arbitration on the influenza vaccinate or mask (VOM) policy, striking down the policy at St. Michael’s Hospital and several others that form the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN).

VOM policies require staff be vaccinated against influenza or wear a mask. Those who refused were subject to suspension or termination. Besides the province of British Columbia (B.C.), VOM policies are not provincially mandated, but were implemented at several healthcare facilities across Canada.  B.C’s Health Services Union challenged the VOM policy but lost a 2013 union arbitration which the B.C nurses’ union promise to take back to court armed with renewed evidence, witnesses and legal findings.

Arbitrator James Hayes struck down the VOM policy in a 2015 arbitration involving a Sault Ste. Marie Hospital. Hayes found “scant evidence” on asymptomatic viral shed or that masks reduced influenza transmission to patients. In light of the Hayes finding, more Ontario Hospitals withdrew VOM policies as did the province of Saskatchewan. In addition, Infection Protection and Control Canada (IPAC) pulled their support of mandatory healthcare worker influenza vaccination. Yet, several TAHSN hospitals blatantly refused to comply and continued to enforce a policy virtually identical to the one deemed “unreasonable” by Hayes. As a result, ONA was again forced to litigate St. Michael’s Hospital.

Tax payer funds were misdirected by St. Michael’s hospital to litigate this second arbitration, assessed by Arbitrator William Kaplan (2018) as “by and large, the same policy, the same legal issues and some of the very same evidence”.  In his final summation, Arbitrator Kaplan deemed  St. Michael’s /TAHSN policy was “illogical and makes no sense” and ”the exact opposite of being reasonable.” In reaching his conclusion, Arbitrator Kaplan noted St Michaels could provide no evidence that VOM reduced influenza outbreaks. He found “there is little evidence of any positive impact on patient care outcomes as a result of the VOM policy” and noted influenza outbreaks continued regardless. Arbitrator Kaplan also confirmed surveillance data from B.C. could not prove the policy objective of influenza control was met. In fact, under the VOM policy, in 2014/15 and 2015/16  B.C saw the most influenza  outbreaks in long term care in a decade despite record numbers of flu vaccinated healthcare workers.  Read the full article here.

Canadian Immunization Conference 2018

The recent Canadian Immunization Conference co-sponsored by the Canadian Paediatric Society and THE big vaccine manufacturers,  Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur, GSK, held a day long pre-conference workshop on countering vaccine resistance. They are worried about all those parents turning away from vaccines in droves.  Seems like everyone in vax world is busy developing psychological profiling and mass mind strategies to stop the bleeding away from the vaccine agenda.

In a scathing letter to Canada’s Health Minister, this mother of a vaccine injured child wrote:

“In less than fifteen minutes, you will address the Immunization Conference in Ottawa. A conference and a group that is mired in pride, prejudice and greed. Pride because many of them are genuinely convinced that they save lives and prevent sickness by providing ever more vaccines to children, and increasingly so to adults.

Prejudice because they think that vaccines are safe, safe enough, and effective. All of those vaccines, and ever more. Prejudice because they think they know best, they know better than the “lay person”. Prejudice because they think that all those people, all those parents, especially mothers out there, who warn that vaccines are not as safe as they are portrayed, and can seriously harm and kill adults and children alike, can be either dismissed or seen as irrelevant. People, parents are depicted as ignorant, or portrayed –even by you – as dangerous to society. Prejudice because in the field of vaccines a deeply entrenched misogynist behavior is roaming, because the group that warn, consist in a large part of mothers.

While the harm on a massive scale is continuing, you open a conference co-sponsored by the Big Vaccine Four: GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Pasteur, Merck and Pfizer together holding around 90 % of the global market. This is where greed comes in. Companies who will do everything to obscure the damaging effect of vaccines. It is tobacco science all over again.

Do you not see how deeply conflicted this conference is? How deeply conflicted the research about vaccines is? How can public tax money go to research about how to deal with vaccine hesitancy, but none of it goes to really researching the harm of vaccines? Are you not willing to see what is right in front of your eyes? Is your staff not informing you well? Are the funds from pharma that go to your party too attractive to even consider listening to Canadian families, who will tell you of the harm and pain that has been inflicted on their children, their families?

Your public health administration has become such a captive agency, that it is incapable of serving the real public good. It does not serve public health, but instead an industry that shows all the tendencies of criminal behavior. This industry is happily feeding the dogmatic belief in vaccines. A belief, a religion almost, that has very little to do with science anymore. This industry feeds the professional blindness of practitioners in the business of infectious diseases. And it willingly feeds their egos.”  Read the whole letter here.

Deadly Medicines and The Mob

It’s common knowledge that the media and drug regulatory agencies (FDA CDC, EPA, Health Canada) are completely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry whose ruthless mob style tactics are meticulously documented by Peter Goetzche MD in his book, “Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime; How big pharma has corrupted healthcare.”  Dr. Goetzche is a founder of the renowned Cochrane Collaboration, a global network of independent scientists committed to ethical research in medicine through scientific rigour, ensuring broad participation, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

The top handful of pharmaceutical companies that brought us deadly or damaging drugs like Vioxx, Bextra, Celberex, Avandia, Ketek and many others, are the very same corporations that make the vaccines we inject into our children in ever increasing amounts.

Merck, the producer of Vioxx which killed thousands of people, thrust Gardasil HPV vaccine onto the public with an intensive marketing campaign in hopes it would help salvage the $ billions it was forced to pay in compensation to Vioxx victims. Since its release in 2006, a steady stream of Gardasil injury and death reports has been accumulating around the world with no indication of concern from health regulators.

In this compelling article, we learn that world renowned aluminum expert, Dr. Christopher Exley says that Merck’s own ‘safety’ trial data is invalid because it “compares the vaccine to the company’s proprietary aluminum adjuvant as 'placebo' and finds a skyrocketing 2.5 percent adverse event effect in both groups.” Exley says, “So, even though 25,000/1,000,000 perfectly healthy recipients become ill on receiving Gardasil it is safe since the same number become ill on only receiving the adjuvant alone,”

The new tell all book, HPV Vaccine On Trial exposes the fraud and trickery used to get licensing approval. One reviewer wrote,

“This book reveals everything that is wrong with how pharmaceuticals and biologics are tested and approved and promoted by industry and the government. Subjects lied to and told they were given saline placebo when they were given AAHS? Manipulative data entry to disguise that lower amounts of adjuvant were administered during safety trials to attempt to minimize reactions? Severe new autoimmune reactions dismissed as unrelated to the trial vaccine or AAHS? The CDC collecting royalties on the sale of every single HPV vaccine and refusing to release how much they make?  [note: AAHS is a powerful aluminum based adjuvant that Merck refuses to release to independent investigators]

To date vaccine injury reports to the U.S. VAERS system show there have been hundreds of deaths and thousands of severe injuries in Gardasil recipients, representing a war zone of devastating vaccine injuries. The film, Sacrificial Virgins documents the extreme injuries suffered by many young women.  

Vaccines aren’t required to undergo the kind of rigorous testing required of other licensed drugs, and are not tested against neutral placebos.  Since vaccines are not subjected to the ‘gold standard’ studies in which a control group of unvaccinated people is compared to a fully vaccinated group and followed for several years to compare long term health outcomes, the claims for ‘vaccine safety’ are baseless and fraudulent.  Why would we trust any vaccines made by these same amoral corporations as ‘safe’ to inject into our precious children?

Parent and vaccine safety activist Bernadette Pajer’s recent stirring speech to the Washington Board of Health speaks truth to power:

“We, the parents and doctors and professionals of Informed Choice Washington have been attempting to bring the latest science on vaccines and discoveries about the human immune system to the various public health agencies of Washington State, especially to the department of health.  In doing so, we thought we’d be beginning to start a genuine discussion that would be the change that would align policy with known vaccine limitations and risks and unintended consequences to protect individuals and the public.  Instead we have discovered a network of government and drug industry entanglements so complex and so richly funded, they form a pervasive tightly woven fabric consisting of literally thousands of groups all working together towards just one thing – increasing vaccination uptake. And that fabric includes those working public health and the department of health.”

She spells out how drug companies are given access to the department of health information, given opportunities to have meetings and seminars and phone calls and access to privileged information and records:

“Worse, our efforts to improve safety, to improve informed consent, and to protect medical freedom are looked at with disdain, with eye rolling and with drug industry funded education at the department of health immunization employees, showing them in their last conference in June how they can legally lobby and press for their agenda, and their agenda includes the elimination of all non-medical exemptions.”   View Bernadette's full speech here

Vaccine Injury Denialism – The Lie is Wearing Thin

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the U.S. like pediatrician and vaccine developer, Peter Hotez MD, are given unfettered air time to broadcast their loathing of vaccine hesitant parents and the vaccine injured.  Hotez, a rising star in the Paul Offit and Stanley Plotkin school of vaccine injury denialism is on a mission to attack vaccine resistors and the injured. He says parents of vaccine injured children “hate their families and hate their children” because they speak out and describe the devastating health injuries their children have suffered.

As an autism parent and vaccine developer, Hotez believes he is eminently qualified to “stand up to the anti-vaccine lobby and refute their false assertions.” While his disabled daughter udoubtedly received all her required vaccines prior to suffering a brain injury, Hotez insists this did NOT lead to her autism. Hotez takes personal offence, is even threatened by the tens of thousands of parents turning away from the vaccine paradigm after witnessing their child’s descent into vaccine injury hell.

Stanley Plokin MD, Chief KOL of the denialists, and the Godfather of vaccinology, is THE most influential figure in vax world.  His work over many decades has shaped modern vaccine ideology which today, affects every person on the planet.  His book, ‘Plotkin’s Vaccines’, is the “Bible” of vaccinology, which Bill Gates refers to as an “indispensable guide to the enhancement of the well-being of our world.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Plotkin’s deposition for a court case involving parents with opposing views on vaccination, reveals the amorality of a man who has reaped untold $ millions from pharma in his decades as a vaccine developer.  As the darling of the vaccine industry, his influence is more pervasive than is easily described.  Celeste McGovern’s masterful article, ‘Prescription to End the Autism Epidemic’ goes for the jugular as she exposes the foul underbelly of the beast. 

Attesting to his atheism, Stanley Plotkin reveals his distaste for religious beliefs and his objection to anyone’s right to refuse vaccines on religious grounds. Plotkin and Paul Offit are the front men for their pharma masters and are behind the growing attack on religious exemptions in the U.S. Their sinister doctrine tramples the basic human right to informed consent and the right to refuse unwanted medical treatments such as vaccines with far reaching global consequences.

Documented as well in the 8 hour deposition, is that Plotkin directed vaccine experiments on orphans, the mentally handicapped and babies born to women in prison. In his compelling new book, ‘How to End the Autism Epidemic’, J.B. Handley writes,

“So, when you test them [vaccines] on the populations that are the most hidden from society, and have the least power to complain, you can bury any disasters. It’s profoundly depraved thinking.”

To which McGovern added,

“……..Plotkin was revealed as a living relic of hideous Nazi-style eugenics who also happens to be a founding father and current champion of the modern vaccine movement.”

Of Cockroaches and viruses – the new hate speech against vaccine resistors

A recent editorial in the L.A. Times, the fourth most widely read newspaper in the U.S., called vaccine concerns “cockroaches”. The recent purchase of the Times by a billionaire vaccine developer who made his fortune in the pharmaceutical industry, will steer editorial policy from the vaccine injury denial camp.  Even before the purchase, the Times had for some time been ratcheting up hate speech against vaccine resistors.

The LA Times’ slick propaganda lays the groundwork for inciting hatred against a segment of the population who is informed of the science and who knows that the risks of vaccination outweigh any benefits.  Educated parents know that vaccines are complex biochemical drugs that have been given a free pass from normal scientific scrutiny, absent any extensive safety testing. It’s a short leap from debasing vaccine concerns, to dehumanizing those who decline vaccines, as no better than “cockroaches”. J.B Handley pillories the ignorance and hysteria in the Times with this commentary.

Across the pond in the U.K. we hear that the BBC is using the same dehumanizing tactics as those of the LA Times.  In an exchange of letters between Professor Christopher Exley and BBC complaints director Colin Tregear, following a “toe-curling Newsnight presentation about measles and vaccine safety”, Prof. Exley complained about bias in the presentation pointing out that the claim that vaccines were safe is unfounded.

“This piece of reporting is clearly stating the message that all vaccines are 100% safe and that anyone who might question this is at best ‘uninformed’ and at worst a dangerous anti-vaxxer.”

 The BBC complaints director had been defending a reporter who had referred to vaccine doubts in social media as a “virus” when he stated:

“It’s clear then that medical science doesn’t have to counter just one type of virus. There are those which affect our bodies and those which affect our minds”.

The BBC complaints director defended its position with the “false balance” argument which denies minority views equal weight in any discussion where the “scientific consensus” maintains that vaccines are “safe and effective”, regardless of the published science proving otherwise. 

Just as our Canadian public broadcaster CBC, defends vaccines on the basis of “consensus science”, refusing to publish anything that challenges the vaccine safety mantra, regardless of scientific evidence to the contrary, the complete journalistic surrender to the lies of the pharma cabal is now a global phenomenon.

Put into gear 8 years ago by the previous U.S Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) director, Kathleen Sebelius directed the media thusly,

“There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We (DHHS) have reached out to media outlets to try to get them NOT to give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting."  - Kathleen Sebelius -Sec. of DHHS, February 2010.

Which led to “equal weight”, “false balance”, and “scientific consensus” becoming the key jargon used by mainstream media to shut down all vaccine debate, while censoring the emerging science that reveals the mechanisms of vaccine injury. 

This universal gag order prevents any news about the crisis in children’s health from reaching the public, from the epidemic of chronic disabling neuroimmune diseases, to the plight of families with severely vaccine injured children, to the emerging science pinpointing specific biological mechanisms of vaccine injury that are at the root of these disorders. All information on health injury related to vaccines is now strictly censored.

Christopher Exley, the leading world expert on aluminum toxicity put it plainly,

“The majority of vaccines include an aluminium salt as an adjuvant. We have been researching the mechanism of action of aluminium adjuvants for about 10 years. Our research along with that of many other reputable scientists across the world has highlighted the toxicity of aluminium in vaccines and its role in many of the serious adverse events reported in individuals following vaccination. The frequency of such adverse events (data from the vaccine manufacturers) is acknowledged to be as high as 2.5% which for vaccines which are given to millions of individuals equates to 25,000 well people per 1 million recipients becoming ill following vaccination. Fears about vaccines are well-founded. They are not fabrications of the so-called anti-vax movement, they are medical facts based upon hard science.”

One commentator observed that,

“History is replete with examples where efforts to "eradicate" entire segments of the population began by government directing the "hate speech" towards the targeted population to be "demonized", such as calling them 'cockroaches" .. "vermin" .. or in this instance .. a "virus". It should not be "condoned" nor "minimized" by anyone who engages in this despicable tactic!”

The Globalist Pharma Cabal

We’re looking at a ruthless criminal cabal that has infiltrated all governments, that rules the medical system, that controls and enforces the global vaccine agenda.  It silences all debate and prohibits new scientific research from reaching the public. This pervasive censorship prevents people from learning how vaccines injure the brain and the immune system on the cellular level, essential knowledge we need in order to exercise the basic human right to informed consent, without which it is not possible to make an educated vaccine decision. 

For anyone who thinks using the word ‘criminal’ is too harsh for the pharmaceutical industry and its enablers, in addition to what Dr. Peter Goetzche’s discloses in his book, Professor Paddy Rawlinson’s astute analysis Immunity and Impunity: Corruption in the State‐Pharma Nexus reinforces the grim reality.  She writes,

“…attempts to undermine freedom of speech, and to systematically excoriate those who criticise or dissent from mandatory vaccine programs, function as a corrupting process and, by extension, serve to provoke the notion that corruption does indeed exist within the state‐pharma alliance.”

Jon Rappaport coined it well in this article, ‘The Medical Cartel -Too Big to Fail, Too Evil to Expose’, “This revelation, above all, is what the medical cartel tries to guard against. Their profession has shoved in all its chips on the propaganda proposition that it does impeccable science.  The medical cartel rests on cataclysmic fraud, scientific fraud.”

Led by globalist vaccine promoters, CDC, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates’ baby, the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI), the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, along with the vaccine industry as their “private partners”, as well as many NGOs (non-governmental organizations), the vaccine cabal is hard at work strategizing on innovative propaganda techniques that will advance its goal of universal vaccination of all people everywhere.

Between 2010 to 2020 the Gates Foundation pledged $10 billion toward this goal. All doubt and misgivings about vaccines must be silenced. All people must march in lockstep acceptance of the vaccine agenda. No exceptions allowed.

The disclosure that CDC is funded by a long list of corporate partners surprised many, including this BMJ writer “Despite the agency’s disclaimer, the CDC does receive millions of dollars in industry gifts and funding, both directly and indirectly, and several recent CDC actions and recommendations have raised questions about the science it cites, the clinical guidelines it promotes, and the money it is taking.”

Vaccine ideology prevents critical scientific knowledge needed to make an informed vaccine decision from reaching the public. What will happen when the reassuring lies are finally exposed, and the public discovers that crucial information about vaccine safety has been suppressed to protect the vaccine program? That our children’s health and lives have been thrown to the pharma wolves enabling them to force more and more vaccines down our throats?

The biological mechanisms by which vaccines cause injuries at the cellular level are now coming into clear focus. And with it the stark realization that so called “vaccine science” is a fraud – a crude and dangerous technology from the dark ages that manipulates immune responses to produce antibodies, while ignoring and denying the myriad neurological and autoimmune damage it inflicts on this and previous generations of humans. And in the process, weakens and erodes the very foundation of human health. 

With the complete pharma capture of our drug regulators, there isn’t even a reasonable guestimate to quantify the vaccine carnage playing out in our society today, since only 1% of adverse events make it into government data bases as discussed in Nelle Maxey’s revealing Vaccine Safety Report.

In order to make a truly informed decision about vaccines, concerned people everywhere need to familiarize themselves with the new science. At Vaccine Papers you’ll find expert analyses of the emerging science and J.B. Handley’s in depth interpretative articles and Children’s Health Defense provide the best researched and highest quality articles on the subject. You and your loved ones’ health and life may depend on understanding this subject more fully.


From all of us at Vaccine Choice Canada, we wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.  Vaccine Choice Canada is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality vaccine research and information.  Knowledge is Power!  We ask you to put us at the top of your “To Give” list and remind you that membership renewals are soon due for 2019.  If you’ve not done so already, we encourage you to JOIN us in support of this important work dedicated to helping you protect your family’s heath and the human right to informed consent.


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