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In this August 2020 issue:

  • VCC Invites Elected Representatives to Consider the Evidence
  • Edda's Pick - Lockdown Lunacy 3 – It’s Over by JB Handley
  • On Tyranny by Ted Kuntz
  • New Downloadable Resources from Vaccine Choice Canada
  • In The News including video interviews with Rocco, Ted and Denis

VCC Invites Elected Representatives to Consider the Evidence by Ted Kuntz

Dear Elected Representative

I am writing on behalf of Canadians who are deeply concerned that government measures imposed in response to CV-19 are out of proportion to the actual risk and contrary to medical and scientific evidence. It is our contention that many of the imposed measures are a gross over-reaction due to irrational fear, avoidance of liability, and/or excess caution rather than evidence-based interventions that are justifiably necessary and finite.

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Edda's Pick

Lockdown Lunacy 3 – It’s Over by JB Handley

“Perhaps the most destructive element of lockdown is the panic and fear that such severe measures help confirm, in this case, wrongly so, in the minds of the young and impressionable. As the paper concludes, “Experience has shown that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events respond best and with the least anxiety when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted.” In other words, we need to flatten the fear.”

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On Tyranny by Ted Kuntz 

Tyranny – the usurpation of power by a single individual or group, or the circumvention of the law by rulers for their own benefit.

European history in the twentieth century showed us that societies can break, democracies can fall, ethics can collapse, and ordinary men can find themselves complicit in tyranny. It would serve us well today to understand how our rights and freedoms can be so easily violated and society plunged into chaos. The fact is Canadians today are no wiser than the Europeans who saw democracy yield to fascism, Nazism, or communism in the twentieth century.

Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny, offers us twenty lessons for our consideration if we are committed to protecting and preserving our rights and freedoms, our autonomy, and our sovereignty. I offer you a brief overview of eight of Snyder’s lessons for your consideration.

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New COVID-19 VCC Resources to Download, Print and Distribute in Your Communities

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In The News

Hugs over Masks

Stand up Canada 

Talking About Vaccinations. Good or Bad? – Ted Kuntz with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson – video – August 21, 2020

Evaluation of the virulence of SARS-CoV-2 in France, from all-cause mortality 1946-2020 – Technical Report (PDF Available) · August 2020 - D. G. Rancourt, Marine Baudin, Jérémie Mercier – August 20, 2020

Face masks, lies, damn lies, and public health officials: “A growing body of evidence” – Technical Report (PDF Available) · August 2020 – D. G. Rancourt – ResearchGate

Rocco Galati, COVID-19 Supreme Court Lawsuit – interview with Ray Brown – August 18, 2020 – 47:20 video

Trudeau & Canadian Government Sued Over COVID Measures; Sets Worldwide Example w/ Rocco Galati – Sarah Westall – August 17, 2020 interview – 54:39 video

Rocco Galati – Suing the Government for Covid-19 Tyranny – Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson – August 10, 2020 interview – 1:22:37 video

Exposing the Real Threat Behind COVID-19 – Denis Rancourt interview on The New American 10:36 video – August 26, 2020

Masks DON’T Work! – Denis Rancourt interview on The New American 10:19 video – August 25, 2020

Public health lessons learned from biases in coronavirus mortality overestimationRonald B. Brown 12 August 2020 – Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness

Rosemary Frei – podcast – Deconstructing the Covid Narrative

Carney-Freeland Green Reset Shapes Canada’s “New Normal”

The “Great Reset” Fraud

New CDC reports shows 94% of covid-19 deaths in the US had other underlying conditions

Canadian Pandemic Model - analysis

Heart damage by covid debunked – blockbuster study reveals basic errors
The covid Vaccine’s Dirty Secret – The Highwire, August 22

The Catastrophic Costs of Complying by Laura Hayes

CHD Will Sue the University of California Over Mandatory Flu Vaccine Policy

Andrew Wakefield talks about covid & his new documentary – the Act, 1986
Nordic Study suggests open schools don’t spread virus much

Yale Epidemiologist, Dr. Harvey Risch : Dr. Fauci & FDA Have Caused the ‘Deaths of Hundreds of Thousands of Americans’

Thomas Levy MD – Hydrogen Peroxide to cure viruses?

COVID INFORMATION CENTER - Health Impact News: Provides articles for 3 categories, Mask Research, Testing Information, Hydroxychloroquine Scandal

Fluoridation on Trial – Prenatal fluoride exposure is associated with large and significant reductions in IQ. Robert F. Kennedy Junior discusses lawsuit against the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to end fluoridation of drinking water took another giant step forward.  Read also Canadian scientist Bruce Lanphear MD’s declaration to the court

Dr. Lisa Saff Koche talking to Del Bigtree on censorship and prohibition of hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Carrie Madej on Covid vaccines & Transhumanism – video

Facemasks shown to increase wound infection when used during surgery

How Many Billion Could the Covid-19 Vaccine Kill or Damage? Video talk by Vernon Coleman MD

FDA Delays on HCQ Outpatient Approval Are Causing Deaths Daily by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D – Association of American Physicians & Surgeons


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