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  • The End of Canada As We Know It by Ted Kuntz
  • New Brunswick Bill 11 Mandatory Vaccine Update
  • OCLA Asks WHO to Retract Recommendation Advising Use of Face Masks in General Population
  • Masking Reports & Citations
  • In The News

The End of Canada As We Know It by Ted Kuntz

July 1st is the day when we traditionally honour Canada and celebrate the great country that it is. A day to acknowledge our history, our principles, and our freedoms.

The challenge we face today is that Canada is no longer the same country it was even a few months ago. Canada is no longer a bastion of freedom, no longer a country that preserves and protects rights, it is no longer a shining example of democracy. Continue reading ...

New Brunswick Bill 11 Mandatory Vaccine Update

Bill 11 was defeated 22-20 by the New Brunswick legislature on June 18, 2020.   We have extensive coverage of Bill 11 and the previous Bill 39 on our website, including links to videos, news reports, committee presentations and the legal opinion obtained by VCC. Continue reading.... 

OCLA Asks WHO to Retract Recommendation Advising Use of Face Masks in General Population

The letter criticizes the lack of a valid scientific basis for the WHO’s recommendation and expresses OCLA’s concerns about serious harms to individuals and societies stemming from the recommendation and from government impositions of face masks on the general public. Continue reading...

Masking Reports & Citations

As demonstrated in multiple reviews of the published science on the ability of masks and respirators to prevent viral respiratory illnesses, there is no high quality research that definitively concludes masking is protective. Continue reading ...

In The News

Schools MUST go “Back to Normal” in the Fall—A [Canadian] Scientist’s Perspective

Our COVID-19 page has daily news updates, articles, reports, video, audio and important websites. 

VCC Announces Legal Action – Vaccine Choice Canada is launching legal action against the Government of Canada and others for violating our rights and freedoms during the COVID-19 outbreak. Stay tuned for late breaking news regarding our legal challenge!

Opposing mandatory face masks in Ontario municipalities By Ontario Civil Liberties Association

Hand hygiene, no face masks: SickKids experts on how schools can safely reopen in the fall

Covid19 PCR tests are scientifically meaningless

LOCKDOWN LUNACY 2.0: Second wave? Not even close by JB Handley

All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response By Denis Rencourt Ph.D

Were conditions for high death rates at Care Homes created on purpose? By Rosemary Frei

Justice Centre calls for an end to Ontario lockdown as unjustified violation of charter freedoms  PDF of the full Report

Lessons from the lockdown – new stats show that infant and young child deaths decreased

The Corruption of Science. The Hydroxychloroquine Lancet Study Scandal. Who Was Behind It? Anthony Fauci’s Intent To Block HCQ on Behalf of Big Pharma

Coronavirus downgraded – could die out without vaccine

Human Rights need to be front and center in response – Says UN Human Rights Commission

Editors expose leaked conversation between pharma and chiefs of major publications

Dr. Schabas (retired Ontario chief medical officer) debates current Toronto medical officer in Covid on TVO

Antibody tests – here comes more trickery and fakery

Swiss Policy Research – Good summary and update of the covid situation

Canadian scientist sent deadly viruses to Wuhan lab months before RCMP asked to investigate

The effects of social deprivation on adolescent development and mental health

WHO says that asymptomatic coronavirus patients aren’t spreading new infections on asymptomatic virus transmission

PIC (Physicians for Informed Consent) – Assessing covid-19 infection severity 

The Leaked German whistleblower Report

Exposing the Bill Gates agenda – The Corbett Report
Amazing Polly on the Technocrats – implementing their 4th industrial revolution plan

Neil Ferguson: Ferguson – How did this guy get to bankrupt the world?


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