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Rocco Galati and the Children's Health Defence Canada - The health, welfare and legalities surrounding your children in schools and the COVID 19 orders for masking, quarantine, social distancing and more are discussed in this video. Rocco touches on the unconstitutionality of such orders and your rights as a parent to address them and how to do so. Please share!

Ted Kuntz - Video of Ted's speech at the February 13th Kelowna, BC rally - our VCC President shares important thoughts to consider in these times of medical tyranny.

Youngest Speaker Ever - Video of a speech made by a very young child at the Kelowna, BC rally, whom, as Ted correctly notes in his speech, would do a better job than BC's Provincial Health Officer, Bonnie Henry. Please share!

This Will Blow Your Mind - Kevin J. Johnston's interview with VCC President Ted Kuntz

A BC Parent delivers evidence and a message to BC educators - Video and links to studies can be found on Trina’s YouTube Channel.  Please share!

Data Disaster: A Call for an Investigation Into the CDC's Conduct During COVID-19 - A discussion focusing on collateral damage and real-world consequences of the CDC’s guidance and handling of data during COVID.  Hosted by Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) co-founder Sayer Ji, and features guests Dr. David Marin, Dr. Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler.  Livestream Wednesday, February 17, 2021 – 6 p.m. EST / 3 p.m. PST.  Learn more by visiting the SHF website. A re-broadcast of this session will most likely be available.  Note that James Lyons-Weiler will be our guest on the National VCC call on March 10th.

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See the VCC COVID-19 page for a full line-up of recent interviews.

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From Stand on Guard for Thee (Twitter) - Remember Your Oath - copy and print this image and get it out there EVERYWHERE!

Note that the BC's Office of the Human Rights Commissioner poster clearly states: "If a person claims a mask exemption take them at their word.  Proof should not be required.  Business owners cannot be fined for allowing those without masks to enter their place of business."  Please check your province/territory for a similar Human Rights statement/poster. 

Action in BC - All 87 MLA's in the province of BC will simultaneously receive, a tool kit prior to the Legislation session opening on March 1st. A large group will be present at the BC Legislature on March 1st to remind these elected representatives of the information that they received, so that they cannot say they didn't know about the crimes against humanity being committed due to the government sanctioned COVID lockdowns and measures. Those in BC who wish to be part of this are invited to send an email to be put in contact with an organizer in their MLA area. 


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