Please join us on Saturday, Feb 6th at 7:00pm EST for our Invite-a-Friend event with guest, Sally Fallon Morell!

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Suggested Actions for this week:

  1. Please give ten members of your family, friends and/or colleagues a copy of the letter, Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues Re COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns - download and print
  2. Sign and share widely the LifeSite Action Center petitionNew Trudeau travel restrictions must be opposed - Contact your MP today!
  3. Sign and share widely the petition to have BC MLA Sonia Furstenau, BC Green Party Leader, WITHDRAW her petition for mandatory masks in all schools.

Are You Able to Volunteer with Vaccine Choice Canada? VCC is looking for those who can assist us in these areas: VCC Volunteer Coordinator, Stand for Health Freedom Canada (SHF) Coordinator, Political Outreach Coordinator, Email Assistant, Website Management Assistant, Local VCC Chapter Leaders, Writers/Editors, VCC Private Email Groups Moderators.  If this is you, please send us an email to Thanks!

Together We Can End the Lockdowns - February 11th Canada Re-opens - learn more from We Are All Essential.

Top Picks of the Week

News Nuggets Top News Items Compiled by Edda West – see more of Edda's picks in the News Nuggets section of our website. Updated weekly!

Watch the video of Dr. Andrew Kaufman's guest appearance on the National call on Jan 30th.  If you missed it live, you have the opportunity to hear Dr. Kaufman's well-grounded opinions, and share this valuable information EVERYWHERE!

The video clips of Dr. Tenpenny's chat with us on our recent National Zoom call are available to view in multiple sections such as The Myths and The Masks and The Vaccine Itself.  This is priceless information to share with our loved ones, friends and colleagues – please give a thumbs up and share widely. The $100 discount for Dr. Tenpenny's Mastering Vaccine Info (MVI) Boot Camp Course and Training has been extended to February 20th - DISCOUNT CODE: 2021SPRINGSAVINGS – enroll here.

Re-Broadcast of Jan 28, 2021 Roundtables Fundraiser for the Constitutional Rights Centre – if you missed it live, you can still catch the all of the rich conversations, broken down into segments on Law, Science, Education, Faith, Media, and Finance.

Peter Stock, President HSLDA Canada (Home School Legal Defense Association) – September Zoom call video. Watch for Peter's return engagement with VCC on our National call on March 17th.  Listen to Peter in conversation on the CRC Fundraiser Education panel here, where he offers encouraging news around the growth of the home school movement.

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VCC Resources to Download, Print, and Help to Get the Freedom Message into Our Communities

COVID Flyers, Yard Signs, Button Pins  download here.

 "Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation."

Robert F. Kennedy

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