Dear Members and Friends of Vaccine Choice Canada,

VCC is pleased to announce the early stages of a collaborative relationship with the newly launched Stand For Health Freedom (SFHF).  A Canadian version has been developed, and VCC has been invited to become the key contact in Canada for this powerful and extremely well organized group. SFHS will facilitate instantaneous email communication being delivered to politicians, as well as to many other agencies and groups.  Watch for more information to follow!

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As we make our way through these incredibly challenging times, the weekly VCC National Zoom meetings are proving to be one of our best ways to keep up to date and to stay connected with each other in mutual support and encouragement.  A huge thank you to our VCC members who faithfully join both our national meetings, and our regional meetings as well.

Another note of deep appreciation goes out to those members who are inviting friends who may be new to VCC to join us in attending our *Bring-a-Friend events.  We have an amazing line up of guests coming up!  Please help us to get the word out, and mark your calendars!

Wednesday, January 20 - Paul Thomas, MD and James Lyons-Weiler, PhD
Additional Bring-a-Friend Events:
Wednesday, January 27 - National:  David Skripac
Saturday, January 30 - Bring-a-Friend:  Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Saturday, February 6 - Return Guest, Sally Fallon Morell. Sally's first talk, "Building Natural Immunity" is available on the VCC Bitchute channel.
Wednesday, February 24 - Dr. Christiane Northrup
Saturday, April 10 - Return Guest, Dr. Larry Palevsky.  Dr. Larry's first talk, "What Have We Really Been Exposed To?" is available on the VCC Bitchute channel.
*Bring-a-Friend means that as a member of VCC, you are welcome to share the Zoom registration link with friends and family for this special meeting only. Please invite those who are new to Vaccine Choice Canada to join you in attending these special Bring-a-Friend meetings!
Please watch for the Monday emails to VCC Members. These emails contain the Zoom registration links for each week's meetings. In order to receive this email, please consider joining us by becoming a VCC member today.  Thanks!

Edda's Picks

Confronting the Pandemic With Confidence - “Every Store and School Should be Open”  By Peter Shawn Taylor  In an interview with David Redman, former Canadian military officer and emergency planning expert, we learn that well established ‘best practices’ for emergency planning that should have been activated were instead,“thrown out the window” when covid-19 hit Canada, resulting in our governments making catastrophic mistakes. … read the full article here

Denis Rancourt, PhD joined the VCC Ontario Zoom meeting on Jan 7/21 to discuss all things COVID-19 - Dr. Rancourt discusses lockdowns, COVID-19 vaccines, masking and recently published top scientific studies that have concluded, “The stringency of the measures that were applied had no impact that could be detected on mortality and death assigned to COVID-19 or getting serious ill  from COVID-19. That means there is no relationship between the measures that were imposed and the result that you’re concerned about which is getting very sick or dying. None whatsoever!  That means that the science has spoken and the science tells us that we know now that the lockdown measures have no  benefit in preventing deaths…[however]… the imposing of the lockdowns caused a surge in all cause mortality – associated with the WHO declaring a pandemic.”link to the video here

Dark Winter – Dr. Heiko Schöning MD, Vice President of World Doctors Alliance - Looking back in history, Dr. Schöning compares the anthrax and smallpox panic 20 years ago to the coronavirus hysteria today.  He explores how the threat of ‘Dark Winter’ used by governments to induce fear and panic is being invoked to implant the seed of more severe pandemics to come – achieve submission and control of the population.  … link to the video here

See more of Edda West's Picks in the Top Picks section of our website – updated weekly!

Video Picks

Did you know that you can watch VCC video clips of our Zoom meetings and the speakers that we host?  Please subscribe to our YouTube, Bitchute, Brighteon channels and receive notice when a new video clip from these meetings is available.  Here is where to find the list of VCC channels.  These video clips are beautifully crafted and jam packed with vital information to share far and wide. 

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VCC Resources to Download, Print, and Help to Get the Freedom Message Out There

Letter to First Responders and Frontline Health Care Workers

This excellent, fully referenced letter to first responders and front-line health care workers is on the VCC webpage, ready for downloading and printing and sharing in our communities at fire halls, ambulance stations, health care facilities, etc.

Letter to Families, Friends and Colleagues

Please send this letter to your colleagues, friends and loved ones.  Personalize this template, and make it your own as you wish, and use it as a way to let as many people as possible know about the risks of taking the COVID-19 vaccine, before they make their vaccination decisions.

COVID Flyers, Yard Signs, Button Pins

Have you seen VCC's line up of COVID resources? There are yard signs, button pins, and COVID flyers that aim to educate and encourage Canadians to stand up to protect our rights and freedoms. We suggest you include a copy of the COVID informational flyers of your choice in your letters and emails to inform others. Many VCC supporters are placing our yards signs in their yards, or carrying them in freedom rallies. Together we are strong - let's stand up together to protect our rights and freedoms, and get our message out there!

 "What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind."

William Shakespeare

Disclaimer: The information shared in the VCC newsletter - Choice Insider, and in our Zoom meetings is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for legal advice, nor for advice provided by your doctor or other health care professional. You should not rely upon or follow the advice, opinions or strategies made available by VCC or through linked articles for decision making without obtaining the advice of legal counsel, a physician or other health care professional.

Vaccine Choice Canada is a federally registered, volunteer run, not-for-profit educational society dedicated to helping families make voluntary, fully informed, and health-conscious choices about vaccination. VCC receives no government/corporate funding and is solely supported by membership. Contact VCC to learn about vaccines, how to protect your family from vaccine injury, and join the family of Canadians working together to protect our rights and freedoms.

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