No Vaccine Mandates in Canada! Petition to the CMA Update

Petition Update Aug 26, 2015 CMA Doctors vote against a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, but Stop Short of calling for mandatory vaccination of children. There were 6 motions on the … [Read more...]

V-Bulletin August 22, 2015 Action Alert No Vaccine Mandates in Canada!

Dear Members and Friends,                                                                                  August 22, 2015 As many of you are aware after reading our Summer 2015 V-Bulletin, the … [Read more...]

Petitioning Canadian Medical Association No Vaccine Mandates in Canada!

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) wants to change the way medicine is practiced in Canada. At its annual meeting in Halifax, August 23-26 the 80,000 member group is intending to vote on a … [Read more...]

Our letter to the CMA re Resolution for Mandatory Vaccination

For a PDF version of this letter please click here. Fax # 1-613-526-7555 E-mail (CMA Communications)   August 20, 2015 Canadian Medical Association   … [Read more...]