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  March 2019
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Dear Members & Friends of Vaccine Choice Canada,
March has been a busy month with media outlets going into overdrive reporting on "anti-vaxxers" and measles outbreaks in the US and Canada.


This month VCC released an extensive investigation, Measles in Canada.  The 16 page report by Nelle Maxey investigates many questions including:
  • How many measles cases are actually occuring?
  • What are the rates per 100,000 population of measles cases?
  • Who is getting measles in Canada in the Vaccine Era?
Also included is information on Adverse Events reported and much more!   For the full summary, and to download or print your copy of the fully referenced and hyperlinked report click here

To view the report from the BC Centers for Disease Control - Measles Epidemiological Summary, British Columbia - 2019 year to date – March 7th, showing that 7 out of 17 measles cases were unvaccinated (41% unvaccinated and 59% vaccinated.) please click here. (pdf).

British Columbia

The BC Government has announced their intention to have mandatory reporting of vaccine status prior to school entry this September.  Exemptions and exclusions for not complying are expected.  Concerned BC parents are scheduling appointments with their MLAs and organizing protests. VCC has information and resources for parents available here and on our Take Action page here

Accurate, Misleading, and Dishonest Statements by BC’s PHO

Other VCC articles and letters

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Further reading

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Ontario’s mandatory class for parents seeking vaccine exemptions has ‘zero conversions’

Arbitrator sides with Ontario parent who refuses to immunize children, cites anti-vaccination 'expert'
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