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It's been another full week, with a multitude of challenges being faced by so many Canadians as Covid measures ramp up. On an uplifting and positive note, even in the face of the realities of blatant violations of our human rights, the hands down highlight of the week was the presentation by Dr. Larry Palevsky on Saturday's special bring-a-friend VCC National Zoom meeting. If you didn't have a chance to join us to hear Dr. Palevsky's talk, watch the video of his presentation on the VCC Bitchute channel. Please share his touching and profoundly wise message with others who may need a lift in these very challenging times.

How to Get the VCC Freedom Message Out There - Let's Count the Ways

Don't be shy about asking folks to join us in membership! People of every walk of life are just waiting for us to find them, and so often they are relieved to learn about VCC and to know that we are leading the way in taking action to stand up for our charter rights and freedoms, and in educating families across Canada about vaccine risk awareness. In these troubled times, folks want to do something - give them this!

Let your community know about VCC's weekly Zoom meetings. Here is the registration link for our Canada-wide meeting this week:

National Members Meeting (weekly) Wednesday, Dec 9, 2020  4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST. Our special guest is Jeremy Hammond,  independent journalist, political analyst, author, publisher and editor of Foreign Policy Journal, and writing coach.

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Have you taken a dive into the deep pool of information on the VCC webpage? Along with over three decades of accumulated data on vaccine risk, you'll find VCC's line up of COVID resources. There are yard signs, button pins, and printable COVID flyers that aim to educate and encourage Canadians to stand up to protect our rights and freedoms. We suggest you include a copy of the COVID informational flyers of your choice in your letters and emails to inform others. Many VCC supporters are placing our yards signs in their yards, or carrying them in freedom rallies. Together we are strong - let's stand up together to protect our rights and freedoms, and get our message out there, far and wide!

Legal Challenge Update - As of December 3 2020.

Edda's Picks

Flying Blind - Governments’ hasty decisions to lock down Canadians while damaging public health and the economy by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF). The risks posed by COVID-19 have been overestimated and mischaracterized; speculation and exaggerated estimates have been used to justify the lockdown policy that unjustifiably infringe the Charter rights and freedoms of all Canadians.

This JCCF report is THE most important analysis published to date on the devastating harms caused by Canada’s lockdown policies. It proves beyond a shadow of doubt that deaths attributed to Covid-19 are grossly inflated and do not exceed ‘all cause’ deaths this year or in recent years. Official government stats reveal that as of 31 August, 2020, “fewer Canadians died overall, of all causes, than during the same period of time in each of 2018 and 2019.” Deaths have remained fairly constant. As more Covid-19 deaths are recorded, fewer deaths are ascribed to the leading causes of death - heart disease, cancer, strokes, pneumonia, influenza suggesting that,

“COVID-19 is being reported as the primary cause of death instead of these other conditions which account for the majority of deaths in Canada.”

The Justice Centre Report is a ‘must read’ for every Canadian, every politician, and every news agency in this country. It is the first comprehensive analysis that examines the medical and scientific information on which all levels of government have justified shutting down much of society and the economy since March 2020. Deficient in both quality and quantity, lockdown measures have violated the Charter rights and freedoms of all Canadians and have resulted in unprecedented harms to society.

… 71 per cent of Canada’s 11,344 deaths are over the age of 80. A further 18.4 per cent are between 70 and 79, and a further 7.3 per cent are between 60 and 69 years of age. Only 3.3 per cent of deaths are amongst those under 60…. “which is 374 people in a population of 37.5 million.”

At all three levels, governments failed to adequately consider the “specific nature and the full extent of lockdown harms that would result from the Charter infringements that governments initiated”. Based on speculation and fatally flawed statistical modelling, governments assumed that these extreme measures, never before imposed on society, would prevent large numbers of deaths; “they did not think much (or at all) about lockdown harms, nor whether these harms would be greater than the benefits.”

“As of November 30, 2020, governments still lack sufficient reliable information to justify ongoing violations of the Charter rights and freedoms of Canadians.”

Read More ...

The Way Forward – Overcoming Fear - Dr. Mark McDonald MD video talk at Summit II of America’s Frontline Doctors. Excellent overview of where this societal fear is leading us, and the health risks of enforcing masking. “Fear is the primary reason why this pandemic has been sustained and continued. It’s not due to virus. The voluminous amount of information that has been collated and spread in the last few months shows the pandemic is over – but the pandemic hysteria continues … I believe that it’s not just fear that’s taken hold of the country – we’ve moved further … the problem I see is that a lot of people have developed a mental illness – a pandemic of regional delusional psychosis ... it’s a bigger problem than government mandate.”

Please also see Edda's Picks on the VCC website – Special videos and articles chosen by Edda West, updated weekly!

Video Picks

Ask the Experts (Covid-19 Vaccines) A montage of powerful video clips of top scientists and medical people cautioning about the risks of Covid-19 vaccines now being rolled out. The vaccines are inadequately tested with limited short term data and cannot rule out long term negative health effects. There is no evidence the vaccines can prevent transmission of the virus. This is essentially a mass experiment on the people of the world. VCC has uploaded this heavily censored video on the VCC Bitchute and Brighteon channels.  Please share this video widely.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney REJECTS "The Great Reset" in this video when he answered a question from a viewer during a Facebook Livestream.

See the VCC COVID-19 page for a full line-up of recent interviews.

 House of Commons Parliamentary E-Petition

Please sign and share our Parliamentary E-Petition widely. This petition is sponsored by Federal MP Derek Sloan.

If you wish to volunteer to help to bring this important petition to the attention of your elected representatives, please see this page for all the details.  Give your MLA/MP/MPP a phone call and let them know your concerns about the pending COVID-19 vaccine, and that you wish to provide them with an information package, and discuss discuss how they can protect your rights and freedoms around your personal medical decisions. Thanks!

Check out this article about petition sponsor, Derek Sloan, member of Parliament for the riding of Hastings—Lennox and Addington, who is backing this citizen-created petition that asks the government to create policies around COVID-19 vaccination safety and “informed consent.”

"When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind." CS Lewis

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