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We're pleased to bring you a special message from Ted Kuntz, President, Vaccine Choice Canada. As you will note in Ted's message, he mentions that VCC hosts weekly National Members Zoom meetings with VCC Members from coast to coast.
We often feature guest presentations from experts in medicine, science and the law. Below, is a list of upcoming Zoom calls, for your information should you decide to join us in membership in order to take part in these popular Zoom calls.  We'd love to have you join us!
Also, note that video clips of the presentations made at these Zoom meetings are available for viewing on the VCC YouTube, Brighteon, and Bitchute channels.

BC/AB Action Meeting Tuesday, November 17, 2020  8:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST

Atlantic Canada Meeting Tuesday, November 17th  8:00pm AST

VCC National Members Meeting Thursday, November 19th  4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST

**Please note** The regularly scheduled Wednesday National Members Zoom meeting has been re-scheduled for this week only.  Our special guest on Thursday, November 19th, is Jim Meehan, MD, ophthalmologist and preventive medicine specialist with over 20 years of experience and advanced training in immunology, inflammation, and infectious disease.

In order to receive the Zoom codes for our VCC Zoom meetings, please consider joining us by becoming a member today.  Thanks!

Edda's Picks

Denis Rancourt Ph.D – COVID-19(84) IN 2021 WITH BIDEN? OR COVID-19(84) IN 2021 WITH TRUMP? Here’s What To Expect!!!  In this revealing interview Professor Rancourt lays out the geopolitical forces vying for power today and what we can do to resist and push back against the violation of our most basic freedoms.  He explains;

“This is a real fight between the people who represent Globalism, the elite who are more connected to the financiers, and who draw their advantage from finance and how they manipulate things that way, on the one hand,  and on the other hand, you have the more national based industries, the military and the people used to running an empire.” 

The nationally based faction needs a strong middle class and a strong nationalist state to protect the territories they exploit and to protect themselves from Globalism.  Right now, it has swung too far toward globalism. At the heart of this fight between these factions is how to redesign society.

“Globalism is the opposite of democracy.  It is global feudalism whereas democracy has to be based regionally and nationally, and nurtured by a strong middle class that makes sure laws aren’t always made to benefit the elite.”  

Professor Rancourt says, “This is really a struggle amongst the middle class, the working class, the Brexit movement, the yellow vests, nationalism and Trump who are all part of the same groups in society who want to protect themselves from complete globalist invasion.”

What can we do? People who get upset enough and lose faith in the messaging and fraudulent science resolve to push back and encourage each other to NOT believe the propaganda. Rancourt calls on us to challenge each other and “learn how to learn again”, to develop resilience, independence of thought” and educate each other about these reactions of human beings.

“This has to become contagious so that we are not susceptible to them doing this to society again - this re-engineering of society.  We have to develop immunity against their nonsense and rules and protocols which are not science based.”

Read More ...

Please also see Edda's Picks – Special videos and articles chosen by Edda West, updated weekly!

Video Picks

Research scientist, James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, opposing Covid vaccine mandates and medical care discrimination at the PA Medical Freedom Press Conference 10/20/20.   James Lyons–Weiler is President and CEO of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. 

Stephen Malthouse MD - explains the FLAWS with masks, lockdowns for COVID-19 in this video.

Covid Testing Fraud Uncovered - The Highwire

Rocco Galati explains Your Rights to Mandatory Covid Measures: Vaccines, Testing, Masking and Contact Tracing in this video.

Have you signed up yet for Rocco Galati's Constitutional Rights Centre (CRC) newsletter?  Find Rocco's CRC YouTube channel here

Did you know that VCC has YouTube, Brighteon, and BitChute channels?  Take a look - video clips of guest speakers at our Zoom meetings are often featured, along with clips of Ted's wise and wonderful comments, and messages of hope.  If you miss the meeting, this is a great way to catch up!

See the VCC COVID-19 page for a full line-up of recent interviews.

House of Commons Parliamentary E-Petition
Please sign and share our Parliamentary E-Petition widely.  This important petition is sponsored by Federal MP Derek Sloan
Help us by downloading and sharing our Stand Up for Freedom flyer that includes the petition details. Let's get this flyer out there in all of our communities!

VCC Resources to Download and Print

Have you seen VCC's line up of COVID resources?  There are yard signs, button pins, and COVID flyers that aim to educate and encourage Canadians to stand up to protect our rights and freedoms.  We suggest you include a copy of the COVID informational flyers of your choice in your letters and emails to inform others.  Together we are strong - let's stand up together to protect our rights and freedoms, and get our message out there! 

We're always adding new flyers to our COVID Resources page.  Please consider including a flyer or two in your letters, hand them to members of your communities, and use them as posters.  Help us get the word out and to grow our family of freedom warriors as we stand up for freedom.

There is a new interactive way to take our very popular VCC COVID Quiz.  Take the test!  Invite others to see if they can pass, too!  The Quiz is downloadable here.

Vaccine Choice Canada Billboards

Billboards are up in Kelowna - take a look!  Our billboards ask some simple questions, such as: "COVID is the cure worse than the illness?" and "Masking, Lockdowns, Distancing. Are They Working?"  These billboards also invite citizens to take our COVID Quiz.  With the help of generous donations from supporters, VCC plans to have billboards put up all across the country!

 "Any fool can make a rule.  And any fool will mind it."

Henry David Thoreau

Vaccine Choice Canada is a federally registered, volunteer run, not-for-profit educational society dedicated to helping families make voluntary, fully informed, and health-conscious choices about vaccination. VCC receives no government/corporate funding and is solely supported by membership. Contact VCC to learn about vaccines, how to protect your family from vaccine injury, and join the family of Canadians working together to protect our rights and freedoms.

Disclaimer: The information shared in the CHOICE Insider newsletter is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for legal advice, nor for advice provided by your doctor or other health care professional. You should not rely upon or follow the advice, opinions or strategies made available by VCC or through linked articles for decision making without obtaining the advice of legal counsel, a physician or other health care professional. 
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