“Green our vaccines” protests in the U.S.

An estimated crowd of 9000 people — most of them families who believe their children regressed into autism as a result of vaccination — gathered in solidarity under the leadership of outspoken celebrity and autism parent Jenny McCarthy and her partner Jim Carrey to demand “safer” vaccines, and a less aggressive vaccine schedule. Their slogan: “Green Our Vaccines – Too many too soon.”

Editor’s commentary — Where is Canada’s voice? And what is a “safe” vaccine?

Where is Canada’s voice?

On a daily basis, vaccine news pours into the VRAN computer from many sources around the world. It is very, very clear that the scope and pace of public awareness is accelerating. Tens of thousands of parents around the world now recognize that their once healthy children are immune and neurological cripples — tragic victims of too many vaccines given too early in life. Currently, it is families of vaccine damaged autistic children in the U.S. who are shouting from the rooftops in outrage at what has happened to their children.

By contrast, Canada remains mute, with no visible political action calling attention to the unprecedented tragedy that is unfolding. Even the few Canadian autism societies who dared a few years ago to post articles suggesting a vaccine link to autism have either removed the articles from their websites or remain publicly silent about vaccine injuries leading to autism.

One wonders why the deafening silence in Canada when such feverish activity is ongoing in the U.S. both in terms of ongoing research and public actions. The recent autism/vaccines rally in Washington drew thousands of families and the support of just about every autism organization in the U.S. The spin off of press articles, media coverage, attention from Congressional law makers and dedicated coverage by the numerous autism/vaccine websites is truly remarkable.

Until Canadian parents find their voices and their courage, we continue to be inspired by the remarkable efforts of the thousands of families in the U.S.

What is a “safe” vaccine?

While the call for “safer” vaccines seems like the logical step forward for many, we have ask, “what exactly would a safer vaccine look like? — what would it be made of?

We argue that as long as vulnerable infants are injected with substances that contain particles of viral/bacterial/foreign DNA and accompanying chemicals to stimulate immune system response, they will be exposed to risks and injuries of varying degrees. Any substance(s) comprised of complex biochemical formulas injected into the bodies of infants and young children will have unknown/unpredictable side effects.