About Vaccines

Vaccination: Basic Concerns

The medical establishment considers vaccines effective if they suppress a few targeted illnesses - but at what cost? An emerging body of evidence indicates that vaccines can damage a child's developing brain and immune system, leading to neurodevelopmental disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, asthma, anaphylactic food allergies, diabetes and autoimmune disorders. As well, vaccines have been linked to sudden, unexpected death in infancy and early childhood (SIDS).

General Issues

While public health authorities invariably contend that “vaccines are safe” and “vaccines save lives”, it is impossible for them to prove these statements. The most they can do is offer epidemiological data for specific cases which don’t necessarily reflect what happens in the population as a whole or truly represent cause and effect. Today’s parents […]

Specific Vaccines

During their entire childhood, today’s grandparents received a maximum of something like 12 doses of 4 vaccines. In sharp contrast, if their parents strictly adhere to Canadian vaccination schedules, 32-41 doses of 13-16 vaccines are injected into today’s grandchildren just in their first eighteen months! Dr Paul Offit, USA’s foremost vaccine proponent, contends that children […]

Vaccine Ingredients

November 2011 – While health officials recommend an ever increasing number of vaccines for babies and young children, they are less than forthcoming about vaccine ingredients and their potential to injure in the short- or long-term. The very fact these substances are injected rather than judiciously processed through the digestive system reduces their ‘safe’ limit. […]